Businesses Use Vine as a Creative Marketing Tool

Guest post by Amy Winters, who just graduated with a degree in marketing. She helps run a small theater, and she loves to write about entertainment marketing whenever she can pick up the extra work.

vineSix seconds is more than enough time to sell a product, service or brand — easily and effectively. The popular mobile app Vine created a new genre in social media called video microblogging. The Twitter-owned platform lets users create and publish six-second videos in a feed similar to Twitter or Instagram. Most of the videos just show off, whether its toying around with stop-and-go cinematography or recording family cats. But like all other social networking platforms, businesses seize the opportunity to market themselves creatively and make an impression instantly.

Show to Tell

Vine is great tool for stop-motion capture videos because its pause recording feature is easy to use. To record video, hold your thumb over the screen to capture and let go to stop. Just by tapping the screen, you record a mere fraction of a second on camera. Repeat this enough times and you’ve got yourself a stop-motion video. Companies spend big bucks and use powerful Hughesnet Gen4 Internet connections to stream product videos to the masses, but Vine is proof that a short web clip can make a huge impact as well. Malibu Rum had fun with Vine by moving a pineapple and bottle of rum around until a mixed drink appears in the center. Vine videos are visually appealing and send a message for consumers even with the shortest attention spans.

Company Culture Insight

You work for a cool company? Prove it. With Vine. The micro-video app isn’t just a way to show the world you have fun at work and love what you do. You’re engaging with your customers and fostering relationships. Consumers are attracted to “happy” companies — companies that give the perception they’re run by joyful, passionate employees. Urban Outfitters did a bit of goofing off at their home office with a bear suit and got it on camera for UO fans to laugh over.

Brand Advocacy

Exceptional products speak for themselves; you might not be the only one posting videos about it. Give some love to your most loyal customers by sharing their Vines and showing other potential buyers the loyal following your business carries. This video was made by a fan and shared by GoPro’s Twitter account.

Conversation & Engagement

Vine posts serve as moving calls to action and opportunities for user interaction. Simon & Schuster’s video lets followers pick a random book by tapping on the screen. Creating a video that encourages your followers to get involved and take action will have the most memorable impression.

Show A Preview

Given the six-second window, Vine is a great tool to tease a new product with a brief preview. The electronic music group Glitch Mob uses Vine to show short previews of their songs in the making. What you show doesn’t even have to be audible. Just about anything coming off the production line can be teased and promoted through the Vine trend.


Instagram Broadcasting from the Golden Globes

instagram logo

The broadcasting war is on between all the social platforms, from live broadcast to accumulated feeds based on specific user’s experience.

The first time I saw Instagram doing this was New Years Eve – maybe I am just not a big enough fan of fireworks but I was not   that impressed.

However, Instagram has created a pretty cool behind-the-scenes compilation from last nights Golden Globes, built by gathering a bunch of participant’s 15-second videos from all the hashtag variations that has been accompanied in Globes-related posts (e.g. #goldenglobes, #goldenglobes2016, #goldenglobeawards).

It’s actually a pretty cool experience. After spending about seven minutes on it I almost felt like a part of the show – certainly closer to the big stars.

Some of the content is the classic red carpet and “I just won” stuff but some content also has that real behind-the-scene feel. My personal favorite is @iman__sadri sharing Brad Pitt and John Krasinski hanging out. It looks like any two guys just hanging out talking about the game last night or about a mutual friend who got way too wasted last weekend.

Let’s see what the Oscars will bring on Instagram – it will probably be even bigger 😉