Testing Nike Training Widget – Part I

Jonas Klit Nielsen Written by Jonas Klit Nielsen

Running has become popular like never before. Everybody is doing it and one of the greatest sports brands, Nike, has found a great way of exploiting the trend and branding themselves through social media.

Facebook Widget

Nike knows that if we set up goals for ourselves and commit to them in public there is no way around them – and that creates a greater chance of success. So Nike has made  a widget for your Facebook profile, which uploaded with data put on nikerunning.nike.com/nikeplus and data created by your Nike + ipod Sport Kid can keep you and your Facebook friends updated on your running goals and progress. That should get you out running no matter if it’s raining or even snowing.

Facebook Widget

I have set out to test the whole experience and to see if it will have a positive effect. Well, OK I have to be honest:  I got my girlfriend to test it. I actually think I was pretty clever combining work and private life and getting a double win – test of the Facebook widget and an even more fit girlfriend.

In the following pictures you can see the goals we set up, and in a not so distant future I will be back with a follow up to show if it actually can help your running or if it’s just a very trendy nice little tech thing.

Nike sport - What do you look like

Put up your Goals

The goal is to get out and run 35 km in the next 4 weeks. Looking forward to bringing you the follow up 😉

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