Social Media in Northern Europe

August 2nd, 2016

Continuing our Local Social Media Manager Series, Finland is next in line. Say hi to Katri Panula whom you can get to know a little bit better below.

What’s your background? And when did you start working within social? 
I’ve got a BBA in Business Information Technology and worked for a couple of years as a mobile developer, but coding wasn’t my greatest passion. The projects I was involved with had to do with marketing and social media and I noticed I was much more interested in branding and marketing. I realised that this was something I was truly passionate about.

How long have you been collaborating with Mindjumpers?
I’ve been working with Mindjumpers since March 2014.

Which social network do you use the most yourself? 
Probably Facebook but also YouTube. I’m also active on Twitter and Instagram. 

Which social network is the most popular in your country
Facebook is still the most popular but WhatsApp might be more popular in younger age groups already, followed by Twitter and Instagram. Snapchat is also gaining more popularity fast.

Which brand do you enjoy following and why do you think they are doing an excellent job on social
There are many but most recently, as I am a musician in my free time, I’ve enjoyed following Andertons Music. I found them when I was contemplating my latest guitar purchase and they’re simply great. They combine serving their customers with sharing their latest news and valuable information - and they’re being entertaining while doing so.

What makes you most excited about social media
Social media makes the world smaller in a way. You are more in touch with people around the world and have faster access to the latest information and news. It’s also great to see that social media is breaking down some of the invisible barriers; anyone can have an impact on things nowadays.

Are there any do's or don’ts for communicating on social in your country
Being positive and ethically correct are important. Finnish people have a strong social conscience and equality is important for them. Honesty and being straightforward are highly valued.