Social Media in New Zealand

August 5th, 2016

New Zealander Anne Kemp is this month’s Local Social Media Manager from the Mindjumpers Network. Get to know Anne a little bit better below.

What’s your background? And when did you start working within social?
I’m originally from the United States, but I live in New Zealand now. I began working in social media in 2008 and moved on to be a social media marketing and PR consultant in 2010. This was when I was approached to create a social media strategy for a brand in Los Angeles.

How long have you been collaborating with Mindjumpers?
I’ve been collaborating with Mindjumpers since March 2015.

Which social network do you use the most yourself?
I flip flop between Facebook and Pinterest, but Snapchat does get a lot of attention from me. I love that app! It has great potential for breaking some marketing ground as well as to ruin a reputation - if the user isn’t careful.

Which social network is the most popular in your country?
I read an article today that said Facebook and YouTube are the two most popular social networks in New Zealand right now. I happened to read that on LinkedIn, another popular social network here.

Which brand do you enjoy following and why do you think they are doing an excellent job on social?
I’m not a fan of one brand, per se, as much as images or written copy that really grabs me. I love scrolling through Instagram and looking at the food photos (yes, I’m THAT person) and I also enjoy looking at travel snaps.

What makes you most excited about social media?
The immediacy - it makes me the most excited about social media and also reminds me daily to proceed with caution.

Are there any do's or don’ts for communicating on social in your country?
Don’t be offensive and don’t be a bully.