No Boundaries

August 4th, 2016

Garnier Nordic recently challenged us to help them create a digital lead campaign for their skin care range; Pure Active. The campaign objective is not only to increase brand and product awareness, but also to increase consideration and trial. 

A core element in the campaign, which is now live, is based on the customer insight that acne and bad skin can cause lack of confidence and hold people back from engaging with the world and people around them. Pure Active is an effective way to combine pure skin with an active lifestyle.

Garnier Nordic’s aim with the campaign thereby was to inspire young adults not to let their skin issues hold them back. To do this, Mindjumpers collaborated with the brand team to develop an original concept about the bold and brave teenagers who don’t hold back and let insecurity take over.


 The “No Boundaries – Pure Active” inspirational content was created to build strong associations between the brand and an active lifestyle. Focus is on authentic storytelling told by teenagers to teenagers – with a clear message not to let braces, bad skin or anything else hold you back.

The idea was to create a series of short, documentary-style films featuring adventurous and active girls and boys from the Nordics. From the windy west coast of Denmark, the beautiful nature of Norway, the urban streets of Sweden and the capital heart of Finland, the potential for these stories began to form. 

With the objective in mind, Mindjumpers and sister production company CoCreators set off to create the films, which features a traceur, aerial acrobatic, surfer and a rock climber. Aside from the films, we have built a site to host them and tell further stories about active, Nordic teenagers exploring life, following their passion and doing what they love.


The micro-site, which is currently live, is localised for each country in the Nordics and also hosts a national/Nordic competition, where teenagers can share a video or a picture depicting how they live an adventurous life. The prize is a professionally-made film about their life with no boundaries. 

Finally, Garnier Nordic wanted to ensure that the campaign had a tactical route, which is why it was chosen to also create a Facebook re-targeting advertising setup. This will be active during the campaign period. Audiences who engage with the social assets and visit the campaign site will also be exposed to product-focused assets with a link to an e-shop. 

If you would like to hear more about our work with Garnier Nordic and our No Boundaries films, please feel free to contact Business Director Frida Kristensson –