Meet Our Global Team

January 15th, 2016

A new year has come and with it a new series of short interviews with our Local Social Media Managers around the world. This means that every month from now on you can get to know one of the very skilled people in the Mindjumpers Network a little bit better.

We start out with Louise Broberg from Sweden.

What’s your background? And when did you start working within social?
I received my Diploma in Communications back in 2008, but I knew before I graduated that I wouldn’t be following the same path as my classmates. They were all aiming towards the coolest ad agencies, as copywriters and art directors, but I had just discovered Facebook so my mind was on social media evolution. I saw something big in the making with a power shift from company to consumer.

How long have you been collaborating with Mindjumpers?
I have been with Mindjumpers since April 2014 and it’s super fun to be able to localize for all these great brands.

Which social network do you use the most yourself?
Facebook, of course, even if I sometimes feel I need a break. I also love pinning and browsing images on Pinterest, which has a different vibe to it than other social networks.

Which social network is the most popular in your country?
For the broader mass, Facebook is the biggest. If you want to target a younger audience, make sure to be present on Snapchat and YouTube. 

Which brand do you enjoy to follow and why do you think they are doing an excellent job on social?
As a dog lover, I think BarkBox has done a great job combining fun and sales on social media. They understand how to talk to people’s hearts.

What makes you most excited about social media?
It is a much more human way of communicating with a consumer. The brand is not screaming at your face, as many traditional ads might do, it is more asking ”Hey… You seem cool. Wanna hang out?”.

Are there any dos or don’ts for communicating on social in your country?
Sweden is a very modern country and we are very proud of being political correct. So don’t say anything that can offend anyone!