Lebara Play - Live!

August 1st, 2015

New clients are always great news to an agency. And when they have international markets for us to work with? Even better! 

We’ve been working with Lebara all summer, helping them launch a new, international service – Lebara Play. Lebara Play is a brand new streaming service that gives migrants access to regional TV and movies from their countries of origin.

Lebara Play aims to target 5 migrant audiences across 6 European countries with even more to come. Their ambitious plans pose a big challenge but it was a challenge that we were more than ready to take on! We’ve tapped into the Mindjumpers Network and assembled a unique team of Local Social Media Managers from within Lebara Play's key regional markets:

  • West Africa
  • India
  • Turkey

The network setup for social listening ensures that one point of contact efficiently compiles value adding insights on a daily basis despite the complexity in the target audience with different nationalities living in various countries. The crucial pieces of insights are the key to making great content perform even better through relevance and resonans, as well as in helping product development in relation to content acquisition decisions for each market.

Want to know more about local activation of your brand in any given country? Get in touch by emailing the team at: contact@mindjumpers.com.