Expanding the Family

December 17th, 2015

We are proud to announce that Mindjumpers is now more than just a social media management agency with specialists across the world.

There is a new kid in town - a film production company on a mission. A mission to inspire and empower people to become part of the creator culture.

The production company goes by the name CoCreators and exists with the purpose of helping brands co-create authentic content featuring or crafted by talented creators from around the world.

And not only that, CoCreators is also going to produce and distribute films to enable creators to share their stories, passion and knowledge with the world. So look forward to a lot of stories celebrating creativity like never before as CoCreators will be documenting the Creator Culture as it unfolds.

CoCreators is already live and ready to help clients, who - like us - believe in the era of the Creator Culture.

We highly recommend to follow CoCreators on Instagram and to check out their newly launched website here.