Hit by Instagram Despair

April 1st, 2016

As a social media management agency we cherish our talents and their passion for social. Our colleagues are all highly active across many platforms and always stay up to date – both from a technical and consumer behavioural point of view. In short, all Mindjumpers pretty much breathe social.

This is, of course, exactly how we like it and how it should be. But what we sometimes forget is the massive ramifications this level of passion can cause. During Easter several of our colleagues were having trouble coping – it was a difficult time for many of them.

We all know the panic and frustration that spread like wildfire due to the recent announcements about the Instagram algorithm changes.

Our talented Jr. Community Manager, Ashley Mulla, experienced the stress and panic first-hand. As always we wish to share our learnings, so in order to help you understand what people are going through, here is the personal story told by Ashley himself.

If you also are having a hard time, be brave and share you experience by using the #RecoveringInstagramAddict and check out https://recoveringinstagramaddict.com/