Chicago Bound

March 18th, 2016

This month we bring to you: Mindi Rosser from Chicago - our Local Social Media Manager of the Month.

What’s your background? And when did you start working within social?
I have invested 7+ years in sales and marketing for and with B2B and B2C companies—startups, global enterprises, A-List agencies, healthcare and non-profits. I am most passionate about building and engaging with B2B communities to achieve overall sales and marketing goals.
How long have you been collaborating with Mindjumpers?
For about 18 months.
Which social network do you use the most yourself?
I'm a big fan of Linkedin and spend several hours there daily.
Which social network is the most popular in your country?
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin.
Which brand do you enjoy to follow and why do you think they are doing an excellent job on social?
Crossfit is one of my favorite brands to follow because of the varied content they share on social, which is inspiring to fitness-minded audiences. Their brand voice, imagery and consist output make them successful.
What makes you most excited about social media?
The ability to engage with online communities centered around various interests. I enjoy connecting with people online, who are passionate about the same things. It doesn't matter where we are in the world because social media connects us all. 
Are there any dos or don’ts for communicating on social in your country?
Do be aware of the appropriate types of content to share on certain social channels, e.g. family photos are appropriate on Facebook but not a good piece of content to share on Linkedin. Don't post negativity on social media - always err on the side of posting "too much" positive content.