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Tom PreskettThis is a guest post written by Tom Preskett. Tom works as a Learning Technologist for London Center for Leadership in Learning, Institute of Education in London, England where he facilitates the use of learning technologies. He has a special interest in using social media for learning and blogs. You can read his thoughts on his blog called Learning Technology Learning.

We are learning all the time. Structuring and directing this learning doesn’t need to be confined to courses and formal education. For an individual learner, it is possible to construct their own personal learning environment, utilising different online tools for different purposes. With social media coming in, this has become far easier, defined and exhaustive, than ever before.



How teachers can use social media for learning

I have conceptualized some of the possibilities in this mindmap: (click to enlarge)


About the mindmap:

I have divided it into two categories: Personal Learning and Collaborative Learning.  However, because social media is inherently “social” there are opportunities for communication and collaboration throughout.  It is important to think about the type of learning activity a particular tool ‘affords’.  I find affordance a useful concept when thinking about technology and learning.  It basically means what a tool lends itself towards doing or in simple words, what can a tool do.

When I look at social media, I like to think about what each social media tool affords in terms of learning. So, in the above mindmap, I don’t just say blogging, I say written reflection; because this is the part of the learning process that this social media tool affords.

I could sum up the personal learning side of the mindmap by saying:

You can use different social media tools to seek out knowledge and content, aggregate it so that you can store it and find it later in an organised fashion, reflect on this knowledge perhaps using visualisation tools and articulate it in writing.

Read further thoughts on the above in the post on his blog in a post called Social Media: Personal Learning: Practical guidance on how to do this-Planning/Brainstorming a session idea.



Social Media Marketing Goals & Tools

Written by J-P De Clerck, who is an experienced content, conversion and social media consultant. Like Mindjumpers, he is associated with Social Marketing Forum. You can connect with him on Twitter @Conversionation

Do you care about what your prospects, customers and competitors say about your business, your industry and your products? Are you where your customers are? Do you know how effective word of mouth is? Do you use social media and the proper tools to measure, engage and act?

People use social media. And so do your customers and many other people you want to reach. They use them to share their views – word of mouth – and build personal networks. They use them to prepare their buying journey, listening to their peers, actively seeking advice and reading what other people think about your business, brand, products and services. (more…)