SEO Strategies: Optimisation Ideas for Your Google+ Page

Guest post written by Emma Tomlinson, who is the Head of Retail at Smart Traffic, a SEO consulting company based in Bristol delivering successful campaigns to both SMEs and major brands.

Most of us know that social media has been playing a big role in several businesses’ Internet marketing campaign. And, right now, Google+ is one of the dominating social networking sites. Since mid-2011, plenty of entrepreneurs have been creating their own network of contacts and promoting their firm.

With this development, search engine optimisation has evolved yet again, as it always does with any advancement on the Web.

If you are one of those corporate individuals, who want to boost their business through social media, this progress only means that you have to keep up with it or you may end up behind the times. With that said, take the following aspects into mind while creating your Google+ page.

Profile – You will notice that your profile page has several fields; the key is to fill out as many of these as possible. Now, you do not have to work on it within a day. Instead, take your time and do not forget to add any new information.

When it comes to the “About” section, make sure that it includes relevant details about you or your company since Google search results use a line or two as a snippet or meta description.

Tagline – Try to keep it within 30 characters. This way, there are no missing words on the pop-ups containing it.

Circles – You have to know that the number of Circles you are in has a positive impact on optimising your profile page because it shows Google that you are authoritative and worthwhile.

Posts – If you want to put up an article or any content, make it visible to the public. You would not be endorsing your page if you keep your information private.

Influence – Expand your connections by joining the Google+ community in various networks; this way, Google’s search engine spiders will find your Page appealing.

Additionally, create posts regularly and remember to “tag” other members.

AdWords – Link your Page to these, so you can keep on adding +1 count to your ads.

+1 Buttons – Make sure you add your official website, webpages, e-mail newsletters, and blog with these to get the count mentioned previously.

Links – You can direct other Google+ users to your company’s site by putting its URL in the “Website” and “About” sections. Doing this will also help your Page qualify for Direct Connect – confirms that your profile is indeed official.

When you follow these ideas, you can keep your social network active. In return, your influence will grow steadily.

As a final tip, do not forget to use other social media strategies too.

Search & Social – Understanding the Interdependence

Profil_Billede-150x150This is a guest blog post written by Christine Dissing – a London-based marketing professional holding a Master in Marketing Communications Management. Christine is passionate about advertising, branding and marketing communications – an interest she also shares on her own blog You can connect with Christine on Twitter @christine_kbh.