Influencer Collaborations

We live in an age of self(ie)-made celebrities. They make life look so darn good, you can’t help but want what they have. Sounds like a marketing dream, right?

As a brand, there’s a number of ways you can work with influencers; each with their own set of pay-offs and limitations. We help navigate those murky waters, facilitating the relationship between brand and influencer. We ensure it’s a good fit and that it’s mutually beneficial. Then we work with the influencers to create content, making the most of their image and following, while ensuring everything feels on brand.

Lurpak® Content Toolkit


Lurpak® content is much more than food porn. Everything they do as a brand empowers people to be adventurous and actually cook.

They came to us wanting to diversify their recipe content, increase the number of recipes produced within a single production, and create a number of assets for multiple digital platforms.


Through social listening, we identified key cooking moments and recipe searches from the Lurpak® audience. Then we worked with a home economist to create some spectacular recipes that ticked these boxes, while also putting a creative spin on them – staying true to the Lurpak® ethos.


Not only did we produce more content in a single production, we did it more cost-effectively than ever before.

More importantly, we used data-driven insights to produce content that our audience was actively searching for, empowering them to get in the kitchen and make some magic.