Carlsberg Group


Despite being one of the leading breweries in the world, the Carlsberg Group had a globally fragmented social media presence. Particularly on their premium brands; Tuborg, Carlsberg, Somersby, Grimbergen and Kronenbourg 1664.

The Key Challenges:

  • Leveraging global assets and securing scale on global content
  • Engaging fans locally
  • Creating a method to track performance across local brand pages
  • Optimizing and assuring quality
  • Making the global and local brand teams and agencies cooperate and communicate together


Together with Carlsberg Group Digital, Mindjumpers solved these challenges by creating a social media hub and global social media strategy that would strengthen brand activation at a global and local level. Since 2011, we have continuously organized, aligned and optimized social media efforts of the group while still allowing for global/local brand activation.

Our tasks are to consistently train all agencies and markets working with the brands’ social media. To optimize the structure and systems that enable knowledge sharing and to secure best practice use on social media.

Our key areas of responsibility:

  • Developing, updating and implementing social media guidelines, processes, tools and templates
  • Building and maintaining a digital knowledge hub with best practice, system information, news and knowledge sharing on social and digital media
  • Onboarding and continuously training all Carlsberg employees and agencies involved with social media initiatives


We have successfully on-boarded more than 250 people from over 50 countries. Every market has been qualified to comply with required guidelines and use approved social media management and measurement tools. All in all, our efforts have leveraged a global social media strategy at scale and secured best practice benchmark learnings and knowledge sharing.


At the Carlsberg Group, we believe that ‘together we are stronger’ and Mindjumpers has been an excellent partner in helping us develop our way of working in social media across the group.
Mindjumpers was appointed global social media management agency of record in the beginning of 2011 and has since engaged with 60+ markets helping us establish a strong platform for us to manage our social media activities, share knowledge and leverage best practice to continuously improve our efforts.

Mindjumpers is a very entrepreneurial and passionate company – always on the forefront in social media and with deep understanding of how to manage social media effectively and efficiently across multiple markets and brands.

Jakob Holm Kalkar, Media & Digital Director

Lurpak® Content Toolkit


Lurpak® content is much more than food porn. Everything they do as a brand empowers people be adventurous and actually cook.

They came to us wanting to diversify their recipe content, increase the number of recipes produced within a single production, and create a number of assets for multiple digital platforms.


Through social listening, we identified key cooking moments and recipe searches from the Lurpak® audience. Then we worked with a home economist to create some spectacular recipes that ticked these boxes, while also putting a creative spin on them – staying true to the Lurpak® ethos.


Not only did we produce more content in a single production, we did it more cost-effectively than ever before.

More importantly, we used data-driven insights to produce content that our audience was actively searching for, empowering them to get in the kitchen and make some magic.