The hackers are upon us. Over the past few weeks hundreds of Dropbox passwords seem to have been leaked, and almost 100.000 Snapchat photos were hacked and published online.

Yesterday the hacking threat felt even more real and physically close, since we in Denmark experienced Facebook brand pages being hacked. We therefore needed to take the necessary security measures, and will advice you to do the same. It’s easy – and it really can be worth it!



(Thank you, Mikael Lemberg for sharing the image)


First of all

The form above is fake. Make sure that you or your colleges never fill it out.


To begin with you should enable the following extra security layer to your private profile. Don’t forget to inform other admins (on all levels) who have private profiles connected to your page to take the same steps:

1. Go to
2. Enable the “Login Approvals ”
3. Enter the code you receive in a text message



Note: Enabling this function means that onwards you can only access your Facebook profile from other browsers/devices, if you have your mobile phone with you – even if you know the password. You can read more about Login Approvals here:

If you do not have your phone or the signal is gone you can use Code Generator via the Facebook app instead:

And finally take a look at Facebook’s Help Center to get security tips.