Context influences the way people understand expressions. The challenge for global brands is to create stories across countries without being lost in translation, wasting impressions or inhibiting local engagement.

How is it possible to put content in the right context if you’re communicating with hundreds of thousands, or even millions of people located in different countries with several different cultures and local trends influencing how they perceive a piece of content?


A challenge for international brands

For international brands and companies, it is a challenge to control and maintain product perception worldwide. There is a wish to convey a global identity across markets and at the same time have the possibility to do marketing initiatives on a local level. Facebook’s structure of Global Pages enables you to do globally controlled local activation. Further, this still requires that brands know how to adapt to the different local cultures, how to master the local languages and being able to track local trends.


How to put content into local context

A solution to this challenge can be to implement a Glocal strategy — locally adapting a universally embraced core idea that will resonate in any market anywhere in the world.

If you can form your content to a local context, you can create relevance – and relevance means interest. To do this, we believe that only Community Managers who grew up and are still based in a certain country can create content with true authenticity and with the right context. To take language, culture and real-time trends into consideration, are tasks a Community Manager located outside the markets isn’t able to execute.

Local Community Managers can monitor across social media channels for user-generated content with high relevance to amplify through the local brand channel. This content works as peer-to-peer recommendations on a local level, which are even more relevant and scalable to the given local community. Click here to see how local community management creates value for Ben & Jerry’s.


Assure a universal brand strategy

Concentrating social media strategies and guidelines to one common hub where the local markets gather and find support, can secure an aligned global communication and enable best practice across local markets. Try to create a hub where you can share knowledge, best practice cases and processes such as editorial planning helping local managers follow the global social media marketing plan. A central hub is also a cost efficient way to use your recourses.


Develop a universal editorial strength

Garinois-Melenikiotou, CMO of Estée Lauder, suggests in the article for Harvard Business Review, that by 2020, “global brands and agencies will reorganize themselves — with speed, agility, and editorial spirit — to create stories that will travel across countries without being lost in translation.”. I would like to say; we already now need to develop this skill and being able to offer consumers more value and to optimize brand content based on local culture and trends. Things are moving fast. You have to grab attention and be able to create that certain bond that makes people feel part of your brand community – on a global and local level.


Mindjumpers Network

Mindjumpers Network is our way of working with local market activation for global brands. We enable agencies and international brands to do local social media management in a quality assured and cost efficient way across markets and countries through native Local Community Managers situated in the specific markets. If interested in more information about the network, you’re always welcome to contact us.