BigMrker.comDuring my time at SXSW, Austin 2012, I had a chance to meet up with some interesting people with innovative ideas and new products. One of them was the team from is a social network for communities. By offering unlimited web conferencing and key project management tools, it hopes to empower communities to make a difference.

With this product are looking to connect communities and according to them, communities are the best places to network and find people with common interest. By connecting communities in any field like non-profits or education, it is possible to reach the desired objectives like business networking, meeting people with common interests or even streamlining the growth efforts.

A Community equips anyone with the tools they need to make a difference. Unlimited web conferencing and streamlined collaboration tools empower communities to not only connect, but be more productive and effective.

Here are some features:


While talking to the team, I was very curious to know what they thought was the prime differentiator of their product in these competitive times.

“What differentiates us from most social networks is both our built in web conferencing, with multi-point video and the ability to create a Private Community to use as an exclusive and collaborative space. To name a few industries at the top of my mind – like telecommunications industry, our prime differentiator is our Public Communities. Most web and video conferencing tools are built for meeting with people you already know. Nonprofits, businesses, and individuals can leverage Public Communities and Conferences to grow their networks and meet new clientele.,” said Zhu-Song Mei, Founder and CEO.

The ambitious team has already set foot in social networking, telecommunications, file sharing and storage, user communications, and project management. By combining all these tools that are typically in separate industries, they hope to be a one-stop collaboration tool, and save organizations the hassle of juggling multiple accounts, and in most cases, four or more monthly subscriptions.

In future they plan to grow communities by equipping them with the tools and resources to make a difference. They are also looking forward to innovative partnerships that will allow them to offer the most useful and comprehensive tools.