How Social Is B2B? [Infographic]

A lot of brands have proven and established themselves in social media in the B2C industry, but for B2B side of industry, it is still a hard sell. A lot of companies in B2B sector are hesitant to try social media. Following is an infographic that I borrowed from InsideView. It takes a closer look at the useage of social media for B2B marketing and is based on a study done by

In the course of the study, it was found that 55 % of the B2B survey respondents search for information using social media. Some of the well known brands and IBM reported an incredible 400 % increase in sales in a single quarter after implementing a pilot programme of social selling.

Results of the study:

Around 53 % of B2B companies use Twitter actively in their marketing efforts, but this is dwarfed by Facebook (90 %), which generates about twice as many monthly leads overall. However, LinkedIn wins the race and emerges as the most profitable platform for B2B users. While less than half of businesses actively use the platform, LinkedIn returns more leads than Facebook, Twitter or blogging for B2B marketers.

Emerging trends:

Another remarkable thing is the fact that Pinterest has emerged as the fastest growing platform for users in this industry. Other emerging trends, exclusive to social media in B2B sector is the increasing use of social selling and the blogging .

Here is the infographic and do tell us how you found it 🙂




Why Customised Content is (still) growing

Our computers are getting faster and stronger and according to Moore’s law their processing power will double every year from now on. This means that we are experiencing a consistent and ever increasing amount of information, data and images when we are online. We acknowledge some of it – but ignore most. Consequently customised content has become key in today’s marketing.