Ad Opportunities on Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Tumblr

For brands with a presence on Facebook, Twitter etc., it is becoming increasingly popular to make use of advertising. In order to give a brand presence a boost in the right direction, the key is no longer only great, engaging content. We’re in a competitive landscape and thereby the placement of ad campaigns can carry along a great effect. In this post, we look at the ad opportunities on Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Tumblr, beginning with Twitter that offers three different ad products.




Promoted Tweets
Promoted Tweets can help a brand expand its reach of Tweets to a broader audience with targeting options on and across mobile devices. Promoted Tweets can be targeted to a) your followers b) users that are like your followers c) in search results. Furthermore, Twitter’s geographic targeting increases the relevance of a brand’s message based on location.

Promoted Tweets are priced on a cost-per-engagement (CPE) basis, meaning that a brand will only pay when someone re-tweets, replies to, clicks or favours the Promoted Tweet. Impressions on re-tweets are free, which can contribute to extending the reach and not least cost-effectiveness of a given campaign. Tweets to ‘Followers’ and ‘Like your Followers’ bidding starts at £0.30 CPE. Tweets in search results starts at £0.10 CPE.

Promoted Trends
Promoted Trends can be used to drive even more conversation and interest around a brand or product. On Twitter, it’s possible to see some of the most popular topics at a given moment, and these trends are featured prominently next to a user’s timeline. Thereby, a Promoted Trend can gain great exposure, making users participate in and share the conversation. Promoted Trends are bought on a 24-hour takeover basis, targeting UK only.

Promoted Accounts
The Promoted Account is featured in search results and within the Who To Follow section, which is Twitter’s account recommendation engine, identifying similar accounts and followers to help users discover new businesses, content and people on Twitter. The Promoted Account appears in this section for users who have been identified as most likely to have interests similar to your account. Promoted Account is bought on a cost per follower (CPF) basis and targeted to users based on interests similar to your followers.

To see more about Twitter’s Promoted Products, click here.



Sponsored Stories
Facebook allows marketers to get their Sponsored Stories displayed in users’ News Feed on the mobile app. Sponsored Stories blend seamlessly into the News Feed, as they are content focused and do not look and feel like traditional ads. Also, marketers can decide whether they want Sponsored Stories to be displayed on either the News Feed on mobile or the News Feed on desktop computers – or both. This gives advertisers more control of their ads.

Read more about Sponsored Stories here.

Promoted Posts
As you see through your post reach data, content posted on your page will only reach a certain percentage of the people who like your page. Facebook has enabled a feature that allows you to pay to promote certain posts. The promoted posts will then reach more of your fans depending how much you spend and be shown as a sponsored story in their news feeds. When people engage with the post, it will be shown in their friend’s news feed too. If you are set up as ads manager, you can initiate the promoted post directly from the sharing tool of a post. Once you have chosen a budget that fits with your goals and the post is saved, the promoted post is active. Unlike ads, promoted posts are working immediately and you do not have to wait for the approval from Facebook.

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In the end of July, the location-based social network Foursquare rolled out Promoted Updates, moving more in the same direction as e.g. Facebook and Twitter. Promoted Updates is an advertising product that allows local and national businesses to push out specials, news and pictures to the network’s more than 20 million users.

Promoted Updates
With the launch of Promoted Updates, Foursquare is leveraging its Explore technology that suggests place recommendations to users in order to match Promoted Updates to the people who are most likely to act on them. When using the Explore tab on the Foursquare mobile app, users will see these Promoted Updates from nearby businesses that want to encourage them to take some kind of action. Promoted Updates are bought on a cost-per-action basis, meaning anything from a user visiting a venue page or unlocking a special to checking in or loading a special to their American Express card.

To learn more about Foursquare’s Promoted Updates, sign up here.


Tumblr has begun to offer paid advertising. This is offered to a limited number of brands as a start, though. The ad spots are located on Tumblr Radar and Tumblr Spotlight, which are adjuncts to the user dashboard which promotes interesting blogs not connected to your own. The Radar is a continuously rotating selection of Tumblr blogs picked by the editorial team, which now can be bought as an ad unit for an entire day as well. However, ads are marked with a dollar sign to differentiate it from organic content.

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