5 Quick Tips: Take Your Corporate Blog to the Next Level

We have previously been doing a series of blog posts focusing on blogging, giving away reasons of why to run a company blog and tips on how to start a blog, how to choose a blogging service and how to be a great blogger.

This post addresses 5 key issues that will take your blog a step further ahead in the development of its content.

1. Picking your team
Your team of bloggers should consist of individuals hand selected for their knowledge or interest about a certain area that comes natural to them to write about. An intern should not be in this position, because to a certain extent, an individual who is there to reflect what your company is about for 6 months will not be able to reflect justly the culture and essence of your company.

2. Review content theme and editorial guidelines
Have a clear goal and theme for your blog. What are you focusing on? Have clear set guidelines on major topics to cover and how many posts should be written per week. This will make it much easier for your bloggers to find specific topics to write about and address and will, equally importantly, allow your customers to know what to expect from your corporate blog.

3. It’s you and me
What works in marketing and what is currently trending is that people in general, all over the world in fact, are highly engaged in different social and ethical issues. It’s really a win-win situation: your business wants to look good and build their trust and credibility, and people want to support and invest their money in a credible and trustworthy business. Having the human aspect to your business is absolutely crucial, and is one of the fundamental goals in social media marketing.

4. Why are you even here?
Your blog is a way to reach out to your target audience, an opportunity to start conversations and interact with people. Remember to reflect that there is a face behind the brand, and that face has a name. Never underestimate what a thank you, and a personal, one-on-one conversation can do you for company.


5. Take a look outside the box
Strict policy guidelines are not necessary in order to have a successful blog. Your blog is about building reputation through credibility, which can be achieved through personalizing your blog, allowing your bloggers to have and reflect their own opinions (without them contradicting the company’s ethos), show that your company has a face, can add value to that face, and express sincerity. Show your bloggers the confidence and trust by allowing them to take over the blog for a month and see the outcome. Don’t be afraid to try out things.

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