Using WordPress Like a Pro

I came across a brilliant article by Mashable about 11 Ways to Speed Up WordPress.

It’s brilliant, because as a company working on your online profile, it is absolutely crucial that you set up the best platform for your blog as possible and take into consideration the following measurements when you set up or adjust your blog, so it suits the current and future traffic on your blog.

This article goes into details about:

• Using WordPresss object cache, where you can set WordPress to begin caching database queries rather than initiating new server requests on each load
• Choosing the right host
• Pruning your plugin list and removing the inactive ones
• Choosing the right theme
• Compressing images, and defining the layout for your blog
• Compressing your code (JavaScript, CSS Sprites)
• Choosing servers
• Reducing PHP and HTTP calls
• Keeping your code clean, through validation through W3C Validator
• Optimizing your database through using a database administration interface
• Adjusting your WordPress Settings

Why Customised Content is (still) growing

Our computers are getting faster and stronger and according to Moore’s law their processing power will double every year from now on. This means that we are experiencing a consistent and ever increasing amount of information, data and images when we are online. We acknowledge some of it – but ignore most. Consequently customised content has become key in today’s marketing.