200x200The new news feed that Facebook launched yesterday is interesting news for users as well as brands. It will change the way we use Facebook today, and it will of course also provide marketers using Facebook with both new opportunities and challenges.


The visual impact

One of the biggest changes is the way visuals will be presented. When someone likes a business or a brand on Facebook the lower half of the company’s or brand’s cover photo will appear in the news feed viewed by that person’s friends. That of course means that your cover photo needs to be state of the art.

The news feed itself will be wider than it is today allowing the photos in your news feed to be a lot bigger than they are today. That means that photos will be even more important and have an even greater impact than today. For brands this means that they can benefit from working professionally with visuals – and it will be even more important to produce engaging content where visuals and text become one rather than just a bit of text with a picture added to it.


Multiple news feeds

Another big change is the multiple news feeds. You still have your traditional news feed just with a new look, and it is still controlled by the Facebook algorithm Edgerank sorted by relevance. But now you also have the option of looking at a news feed with news just from your friends containing photos, music etc.

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For brands the ’Following’ news feed is very interesting. This news feed will show content from brands, celebrities etc. that you are following. It is in reverse chronological order like an RSS-feed which means that the newest stories will be on top. It might be tempting for brands to start producing a lot of content in order to stay on top of the news feed, but it is important not to fall for this temptation as your fans will just get annoyed and unlike your page. It will also harm your Edgerank meaning that your content will not show up in the normal news feed, which is still by far the most important. You thus really need to consider how to target the ’Following’ news feed for it to have the desired and intended impact.



The way ads are being promoted in the adjusted Facebook user interface is also more appealing and engaging because of the bigger image sizes. It is thus more important than ever to create rich content meaning content including photos or video. 50% of the content on Facebook today is rich content that has a greater impact on the user.


The mobile experience

Another big change is that the new user interface is aligned to give you a similar experience on mobile, tablets and laptop or desktop. Facebook has been developing the new interface with mobile and tablets in mind and then introduced the same way of thinking to the web. And it works.

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With the new user interface Facebook seems to find the balance between making money and ”showing the right content to the right people” showing images and information from the people and brands you care about the most. You can preview all the new stuff on Facebook here!