Version 2 of Viral Success

You may have seen the campaign “The Hero” made of Swedish public survive Radiotjänst (whose job is to take charge for peoples boadcasting licence).  It’s possible since the video has had 35 million views.

In the autumn of 2009 Radiotjänst released an online video called “The Hero” where visitors could upload pictures of themselves or their friends and get featured in a movie as a hero that people  thank for their contribution for democracy – in other words paying their broadcasting fee. The concept is to thank those consumers who pay their TV license instead of hunting those people who doesn’t. It became a viral success with 1,7 million views in two weeks.

The results involved more than just attention around the service, more importantly – their sales goals went 500 percent plus – in matter of people who started to pay their fee. 2,500 people have registered directly from the site where the movie is shown and they reached a target group who is hard to get attention from; young metropolitans.

This second version of The Hero isn´t expected to reach goals as high as the first one, but it’s a cool follow-up on the campaign and their concept. Radiotjänst really put a focus on thanking their customers and is doing so with quite extreme actions; they also did Sweden´s greatest flash mob as part of the campaign.

I loved the first version of The Hero and I guess I would have liked this version as well, if I hadn’t seen the first one. Isn’t it always like that? The first version is often the better one. Anyway, paying broadcasting fee is a hard service to get positive attention around. As social media marketing often shows, it’s profitable to give to get. Show appreciation. Don’t push – pull.  I also think that Radiotjänst does a nice work creating a community of people who share the thought of being a hero and contribute to democracy just by paying for your TV license.

You can read our blog post of the first film here: Thank You For Paying Your License

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Content Marketing: Hunting The Visual Gold [Infographic]

Amplifying your copy with high quality visuals creates great, engaging content. This is a truth most marketers have already realised. But how should you balance copy vs. visual and how should you define and create this high quality visual? Regardless of the platform or social network, short, concise copy paired with strong, authentic visuals that carry the tone of voice in the copy (and the brand identity, obviously), will most likely attract the attention and interaction you’re looking for.

In corporation with Column Five, Marketo has created this infographic giving you a few pointers as to how important this “visual gold” is to your online initiatives.