T Mobile Scores Again With a New Viral Hit

t mobileT Mobile is back this holiday season with a new video that has gone viral and generated over 2 million views within a week. T Mobile has, in past, brought the best virals and flash mobs like The Fake Royal wedding, The Parking Ticket Stunt and the Welcome Back.

This new viral captures the holiday spirit and features over 100 women singing out for Christmas in a Chicago’s Woodfield Mall on an updated spin on the holiday classic, “There’s No Place Like Home For The Holidays.”

The Viral: hit or miss?

Looking at the scale of the campaign, it would have taken some takes and retakes to shoot it (videos available), and the element of surprise would definitely be lost, which is said to be one of the key ingredients to viral success. But I guess, no one cares for this one, considering the number of views it has gathered.

Just plain feel good video, which brings a smile to your face, when you see it –nothing more, nothing less! Considering their amazing virals in past, personally I feel they could have done better. But no questions asked and eyebrows raised, since it is currently soaring high on charts.

Take a look and feel the holiday season here:

Instagram Broadcasting from the Golden Globes

instagram logo

The broadcasting war is on between all the social platforms, from live broadcast to accumulated feeds based on specific user’s experience.

The first time I saw Instagram doing this was New Years Eve – maybe I am just not a big enough fan of fireworks but I was not   that impressed.

However, Instagram has created a pretty cool behind-the-scenes compilation from last nights Golden Globes, built by gathering a bunch of participant’s 15-second videos from all the hashtag variations that has been accompanied in Globes-related posts (e.g. #goldenglobes, #goldenglobes2016, #goldenglobeawards).

It’s actually a pretty cool experience. After spending about seven minutes on it I almost felt like a part of the show – certainly closer to the big stars.

Some of the content is the classic red carpet and “I just won” stuff but some content also has that real behind-the-scene feel. My personal favorite is @iman__sadri sharing Brad Pitt and John Krasinski hanging out. It looks like any two guys just hanging out talking about the game last night or about a mutual friend who got way too wasted last weekend.

Let’s see what the Oscars will bring on Instagram – it will probably be even bigger 😉