Memolane’s Success at SXSW

Second Update From The SXSW in Austin, Texas

Guest blog written by Iben Larsen, who is a cultural anthropologist and MA in Media Science, based in Copenhagen. She’s passionate about entrepreneurship, networking, personal and professionel development. You can follow her on Twitter at @ibeniben.

Thanks to Stig Lommer’s Scholarship and DRRB, this year will take Iben around the world to do research and interviews with stakeholders within social media. This has brought her to California and later on Hong Kong and South Korea to learn from the fastest moving cultures, when it comes to linking social media and technology. She has also joined the South by Southwest Conference in Austin, Texas, from where she is blogging for Mindjumpers.

Second Update From The SXSW in Austin, TexasA new Danish start-up company called Memolane did very well at SXSW. They were nominated in the Experimental category at the Interactive Award Show and were positively received as they launched the public beta-version during SXSW 2011.

I met the two founders, Nikolaj Hald Nielsen and Eric Lagier at the Hilton here in Austin on a warm and very busy day to see how things were going, since Mindjumpers wrote about their platform a few weeks ago.

Networking, meetings, events and many interviews did slow the enthusiasm down a bit at first, but as we spoke they both started to sparkle from talking about Memolane and how it allows users to build a timeline of their online lives, thus enabling them to go back and “re-live” their best memories digitally and emotionally and the future of the company.

And the future certainly looks bright for Memolane who may not have won the Award Show prize, which went to Isle of Tune, but still takes the prize with $2 million round of funding from two highly estimated sources, namely August Capital and Atomico Ventures. For some reason Danish media does not seem to have picked up on this great story, except Mindjumpers and a few other media who have spotted and blogged about Memolane’s success. But it is big!

When asked about the business model, the company has no defined plan for revenue intake. It is all about Research & Development and listening to the Memolane users’ needs. To prove the point, the first person hired was a Community Manager who are listening in and making sure to apply any relevant contribution from the beta-users.

Another big priority at the moment is to create an API that will allow the platform to include even more social media accounts within its users’ personal timelines and to get settled in San Fransisco with the right team. As Eric says: “We want to stay, where our friends are, i.e. Twitter, Foursquare, LastFM etc.”

Visit Memolane here – or watch their video.


Founders of Memolane: Eric Lagier and Nikolaj Hald Nielsen

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