PriceWaterhouseCoopers Starts Recruiting Through Linkedin

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Big coorperations like PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and Google are recruiting more and more through social media and especially Linkedin. If you want to be the company that hires the best students you should no longer sit around and hope that they apply to your company. Get out of the chair, log on to Linkedin and start handpicking between all the potential new employees out there. Linkedin will provide all the information you need.

The Career Explorer – Top featured at 60 colleges

In an unsual initiative, PwC and Linkedin have joined forces in a project called Career Explorer (Owned by Linkedin). The Career Explorer is a unique and limited service, which is accessible to students at 60 colleges specially selected by PwC, including New York University, Michigan State University and the University of California at Berkely and 57 other colleges throughout the US.

The few things that the Career Explorer will demand from the students from these 60 colleges is information about their line of study, electives and desired industries upon finishing college. When this is done, a drop-down menu shows the first six jobs matching this information. Also, you will be presented what job that students with similar information chose to click at.

PwC gets top listings in boxes labelled featured job, a large space to promote careers at PwC and lastly videos showing employees of PwC presenting how it is to work at the company and what tips they got writing applications to their company.

Other than that, PwC cannot influence which jobs the students apply for.

So why do they do it?

career explorer

Because so many students use so much time looking at potential employers on Linkedin, optimzing their CV and post their most recent blog posts etc from their Linkedin account.

PwC does this despite that the overall economy is a financial downturn, because they realize the importance of hiring the best of the new crop of students. If they don’t get them, their competitors will.

The Career Explorer was initiated in June 2009, when PwC contacted Linkedin. They wanted to do something new and exciting through social media that could help them recruit new employees.

What does this mean for Scandinavian companies?

“Scandinavian companies are knowledge intensive, and a significant proportion of the employees have a university degree. This means that they – prior to joining a work life – have become enrolled in a professional community with fellow students and alumni. Attracting the very best within a certain field hence implies to go through networks, and this is why social media play a key role in recruitment. “Tell me who your network is, and I will tell you who you are…” Says Henrik Holt Larsen, Professor, dr.merc. in Human Resource Management, Copenhagen Business School.

Have you and your company started to find new employees through Linkedin?

Time will tell before the first Scandinavian makes a move and enjoy the first mover advantage on Linkedin. Will it be you?

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