Old Spice Spoof nails it! New Spice – Study like a Scholar, Scholar

Old Spice Spoof nails it! New Spice – Study like a Scholar, Scholar

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Doing a spoof of a popular commercial, film or simple a private YouTube hit, happens all the time, a few is good and a lot really bad.

One of the most popular and talked about campaigns right now is the campaign from Old Spice. I have given up counting how many spoofs that’s been made about that campaign, a few actually is really funny – a lot home made, and some brings you the same fun feeling as the original.

But one stands out – its called “New Spice – study like a Scholar, Scholar”.

Its made by The Harold B. Lee Library Multimedia Production Crew – and it’s a brilliant – well produces and perfectly executed spoof.

On the blog site,  http://newspicepromo.blogspot.com – you can go behind the camera and see the making of the film.

The spoof is making an education sexy, fun, edgy and showing that it know whats going down!

Bravo – well done!

Now back at the video!

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