Big Mashable Social Media Meetup in Antwerp

The large social media blog Mashable founded by Pete Cashmore is celebrating social media with a Social Media Day on the 30th June. According to Mashable there are plenty of reasons to celebrate social media, because it has changed our lives – not only in the way we communicate, but also in the way we connect with one another, consume our news, conduct our work, organize our lives and so on.

Mashable’s Social Media Meetups take place all over the world and everyone is invited to organize a Meetup. So far more than 500 Meetups in more than 80 different countries have been scheduled. It looks like the Meetup in Antwerp, Belgium will be the second largest meeting after the Meetup in New York.

Antwerp Meetup donates to World Without Torture
The large support of the Meetup in Antwerp may be due to the organizers great skills in using social media and the Meetup has received great support from the local community. The meetup has its own website and page on Facebook and Twitter.

Furthermore, the Meetup has decided to support World Without Torture, which we at Mindjumpers have the priviledge of working on for the IRCT (International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims). The Meetup will be donating 500 euros to the campaign, which is running in social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

The Meetup will be focusing on social networking and the power to achieve something. And at Mindjumpers we salute the initiative of using the Social Media Meetup to support a cause like World Without Torture and to show how we can achieve something by doing social good in social media.

Let this be an open invitation and feel free to contact us if you are interested in more information about the World Without Torture initiative. Check the Meetup Everywhere page to see if there’s a Meetup near you.

Why Customised Content is (still) growing

Our computers are getting faster and stronger and according to Moore’s law their processing power will double every year from now on. This means that we are experiencing a consistent and ever increasing amount of information, data and images when we are online. We acknowledge some of it – but ignore most. Consequently customised content has become key in today’s marketing.