LOOKK: Community That Connects Designers With Consumers

LOOKK_Logo-Social media is used in different industries in different ways. So why should the fashion industry be left behind? We all know that London Fashion Week showcased how to use social media to its full potential with competitions, updates and photos on Facebook, Twitter and blogs.

But here is a really cool community called LOOKK that connects young designers with consumers through an open social network.

What is LOOKK?style-collections

LOOKK aims to fundamentally change the way young designers and labels enter the fashion market by providing a platform for them to showcase their designs to a community of fashion lovers.

All the community members have the opportunity to give feedback on what they love and directly influence the items that are produced for sale within the LOOKK Webshop.

How does it work?

Designers can upload a single design or showcase an entire collection with each item having the potential to be discovered.

By garnering support from the LOOKK community as well as their own social networks, they can increase their level of exposure. They have the opportunity to be identified by an expert fashion panel who, using data to estimate market demand, will ultimately choose which items are put into production.

By providing an open network for designers to engage directly with consumers, LOOKK gives every new fashion graduate or aspiring designer the chance to be discovered and become successful on their own merits, making visible a section of the industry that has tough entry barriers to overcome.

What’s so great about it?

Personally, I think it is a great concept and a good use of social media to help fresh designers test waters and discover their style. So for me, this is one of many good cases where social media is used in an innovative way to connect people to make a business sense.

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