Facebook Timeline for Pages on Mobile Devices

Facebook has announced that the timeline design will now also be implemented for pages on mobile devices, which can improve user engagement. The timeline design will make the Facebook experience more consistent and could also help improve conversations for mobile Sponsored Stories. A study made by AdParlor shows that the conversation rate of users who click a mobile Sponsered Story and then ‘like’ a page was lower than the average for desktop ads – 55 percent versus 72 percent. This might be improved with the new more user-friendly format.

The new interface will include:

  • Cover photo
  • A larger Like-button
  • New icons for tabs
  • More information showed in the About-section

If the admins of the page enable fans to send direct messages, this function with be featured as a Message-button next to the Like-button.

The larger cover photo and the visibility of more information in the company description give users a clearer idea of what the page is about. The Like-button is also larger, which adds to a better call-to-action for user engagement. Because the cover image and profile photo are not aligned the same as on a desktop, pages should avoid integrating the design of the profile photo into the cover art, as this will not appear on mobile devices.

Facebook has not announced exactly when the timeline for pages will be implemented on mobile devices. However, InsideFacebook recently showed this sceenshot, on your right, taken by a reader in Australia, which means that we will probably see Facebook roll out the interface during the next couple of months.

The usage of mobile web has increased rapidly – more than half of all Facebook users are mobile. I can recommend to read Facebook’s recommendations on how to optimize for mobile usage.

10 Social Media Trends for 2013 – Get Started!

Screen shot 2013-03-14 at 11.15.42We entered year 2013 without any apocalypses that changed the course. The increase of people accessing social media has steady ascended. As it always have. People are using social media during a longer time and on a wider range of devises. Which leave 2013 to be the year where News Feeds are more cluttered with noise than ever before.

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