Facebook Introduces Location Service: Places

facebook placesGeolocation has been buzzing for some time now – especially with the location based services Foursquare and Gowalla. Now Facebook is following their footsteps and introduces their own location service called ’Places’.

Foursquare has been exploding in number of users the last year or so, but still doesn’t reach anywhere near the amount of users that are using Facebook. It will be highly interesting to see how location will be used from now when knowing how comprehensive Facebook is.

The new Facebook service is being rolled out in the US on iPhones, but is unfortunately not yet available on other countries. Facebook will make the service available in more countries and on more mobile platforms in the future. But no one really knows how long it will take.

How does Places work?

facebook placesPlaces will work like other similar location based services. When to go to the application on your mobile, you open Facebook Places and according to where you are, the application will show a list of places near you. Check in on your location or add a place, if it is not already there. When you have checked in, a story will show in your friend’s new feed.

When you check in you can also tag the friends who are with you or post an update to go with it. Then you can see all the people who are checked in at the same place as you.

Facebook has of course also taken privacy into consideration. So you are able to control what you want to share or you can delete your checkins. If you already know Foursquare, you pretty much know the drill already. But for many Facebook users, I guess this will really add something new to the social experience. You can read about the main features of Places here. Or go here if you want to learn more about Foursquare.

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