How Air China Used Facebook Check-Ins for Their New Campaign

Air chinaWhile surfing through the net, I found an interesting campaign by Air China, using Facebook’s check-ins. Facebook places is one of the most neglected marketing channels and here it has been very effectively used.

The airline wanted to raise awareness among customers in Sweden about the fact that they flew to countries all over Asia and not just to China itself and still emerge as winners in Swedish markets.

Concept: They realised that people had already experienced Asia and one of the most evident ways to leverage that was through Asian cuisine. So Air China tied up with restaurants serving different Asian cuisines in Stockholm. The instructions were printed on the menus. The restaurants being only too happy to help out as it drove more customers into their premises.

People were asked to check-in to restaurants serving food from the countries that they flew to. All the check-ins were then added to a leaderboard on a Facebook app. Each week, whoever got more votes on the leader board got 2 tickets to Asia by Air China.

The contest gained momentum and lasted several weeks. It emerged as a win-win situation for both restaurants as well as Air China. Restaurants got more guests and Air China got more perspective customers who can speak for their brand. Personally, I feel that this was a smart campaign without any on the face sales as well as works like a lead generation mechanism.

Take a look at this video case study and do tell us how you found it 🙂

Facebook Is Launching It’s Own App Center

Facebook has unveiled its own App Center just like Apple and Google – an application store for both Android and iOS devices that features native and web apps that connect with Facebook one way or another. The App Center has about 600 apps so far but more are being added every day.

“The App Center helps high-quality apps grow by promoting those that people enjoy the most”, said Bruce Rogers, a programmer at Facebook. “It includes all types of social apps, including those built for, iOS, Android, and the web. People can find apps through their friends, browse by category, or get personalized recommendations.”

The App Center will function as a one-stop store for apps (both web-based and mobile). It is available on mobile via the Facebook apps and by accessing from your mobile. On your mobile, you can directly launch the appropriate app store for installation. If you find an app you want to install on your mobile while browsing on your desktop, you can use the “Send to mobile” feature and if a mobile app requires a download, you will receive a text that shows you where you can download the required application. Every app has screenshots and a detailed description, so you can learn more about it before actually installing it. The App Center also provide you with personalised recommendations, presumably based on Facebook’s social knowledge of it’s users, and it displays the apps your friends are using, so you know what is trending among your friends.