Expectations of Facebook Timeline for Brands

Just a few days back, we wrote on our blog about Timeline for Pages, trying to guess how soon it would come out and how it would change the face of brand pages in the coming times. Well, we don’t need to guess any longer, because Facebook is expected to go into detail about the new pages at its first-ever fMC event, a day-long conference in New York on February 29 specifically for marketers. So we know that it is being rolled out sooner than first anticipated.

Facebook will bring Timeline to brand Pages this month in the US according to executives briefed on the company’s plans. At the time of the announcement, Facebook VP-Marketing and Business Partnership’s David Fischer told Adage that Timeline for brands would be “consistent” with the Timeline look-and-feel, but not a carbon copy.

To get a feel of what to expect from this new roll out, here are a sum up of what the creative and technical team here at Mindjumpers expect of Timeline for pages. Of course, all of our suggestions are based only on the information we have been able to get hold of so far, since Facebook is so hush-hush about it.

Roll out in beta: As predicted by a lot of other sources too, we too think that the new pages for brands will start in beta with a handful of partners and then be released to more marketers in stages. This is normally how Facebook initiates a roll-out. Our guess is that a handful of brands will be selected as launch partners to get hands-on experience and functionalites as best-practice cases for others to follow. Also, the transition might be an opt-in for a period of time, to give brands the opportunity to prepare.

Enhance the art of storytelling and creative expression: According to our creative team, Timeline will definitely challenge and increment the art of storytelling for brands on Facebook. It will enhance the creative expression of brands and open up a lot of opportunities where they can differentiate themselves and fascinate their fans. One opportunity could be to create a visual museum of a company’s history, since Timeline allows for brands to update back in time. In this relation, brands might want to prepare themselves for this change by gearing up their imagery.

Tabs and Timeline: Next important point to note here is what tabs would look like on Timeline? Right now, they are accessed through the right side menu. On profiles, the info tab has moved to an ‘About’ section, so a solution for tabs may turn out similar. However, it is difficult to say what the new format would look like, and sizes might possibly change. Also more brands would probably want to create their own social apps, like the one we already know from Spotify, to connect user actions with the brand.

Increased role of agencies and management systems: Facebook Timeline for brands would also change the way management systems facilitate content posting. Probably there would be need for an upgrade. Also, the role of agencies would probably increase, largely to facilitate brand’s transition to the new Timeline.

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