How Enterprise Social Networking Drive Business Value [Report]

Using social media to bring business value is an obvious choice for many companies. But the benefits of using social media inside an organization still remains somewhat unexplored. Altimeter Group just released a report Making The Business Case For Enterprise Social Networks that include extensive research where results show that enterprise social networking can provide value to the organization, especially around collaboration between departments, finding experts or share expertise from around the company as well as sharing best practices.

It’s about relationships, not technology
Most companies approach enterprise social networks as a technology deployment and fail to understand that the new relationships created by enterprise social networks are the source for value creation. Last year, internal technology departments could force software on business units, but in today’s consumerized world, business units can adopt enterprise software, often without IT ever knowing. As a result, a new approach is required that focuses on four key ways that relationships create value through enterprise social networks, as you can see in the figure below.

The report includes more interesting insights on how enterprise social networking drive business value. Read the complete report here:

Interview With the CEO From the Social Media Platform Hoist

Yesterday the Danish company Hoist won the MIT Global Startup Award held this year in Reykjavik on Iceland.

We have managed to get hold of a very busy CEO from Hoist, and asked him a few questions about the experience of winning the MIT Global Startup Award and what he thinks the future holds for Hoist. First, here are our insights on how we use the Hoist platform – at Mindjumpers, we have been using it for the last ten months.

Shortly about Hoist

Hoist is basically a browser-based working platform build on the idea of social networks. A similar product on the market is 37signals’ Basecamp, or in some ways the organisational tool Yammer. The future for organisations lies in making the organisation more social and innovative and that’s where a platform like Hoist comes into the picture. (more…)