Interested in Your Customers Input and Ideas?

Written by Jonas Klit Nielsen

Collaboration with your customers is the future! As many have described or mentioned before me: – listening and creating dialogue isn’t rocket science, but it might be difficult to figure out how.

One thing is of course to listen in on conversations on different social media like blogs or Twitter, but sometimes what we need are tools that are very easy to use. Looking around a bit I found two such tools with somewhat the same functions.


Both tools are online platforms, and both have chosen great names, putting the customer of the company, brand or product in front. ‘Get Satisfaction’ and ‘UserVoice’ – that’s what these services are about. I, as a consumer, am getting my voice heard and getting satisfaction. They are both worth a visit, but because of the similarities I am only going to describe how Get Satisfaction works, mainly through how Nike uses it.

When going to you will in your right side of the screen, find a ‘button’ called ‘Feedback’. Click it, and a Window pops open. An easy to use interface gives you the possibility to “share an Idea”, “Ask a question”, “Report a problem” or “Give your Praise” to Nike. The really cool thing is that it’s build as a community. If you choose “Idea” you will, in the left of the box, see the most popular ideas – now this gives Nike a great TribeSourcing tool – a tool to get Nike’s tribe of users to come up with ideas, share them with each other. This means that Nike has a really valuable development unit and customer community going.

Now if you click the “See more ideas” in the right side of the box, it will take you to the Nike customer community at the Get Satisfaction platform. Take a look around and get inspired.

You can set up your own customer community very easily without spending days and millions. The basic products start at $19/month.

Please let me know what you think about this product or if you know other collaboration/customer community products.

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