relationSo keeping up with the ever-changing algorithm on Facebook can be quite challenging. Many have believed in the ‘Edgerank Formula’ which ranks stories on affinity, weight and time.  Now Facebook have launched some changes, which means that the Edgerank Formula, as we know it, has changed.

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always onIn a recent session with a client, Mindjumpers talked about the shift in thinking centered around campaigns, to thinking centered around the idea of Always-On content. We thought we would share some insights on how brands and agencies are building content strategies around this idea of Alway-On.

More and more, brands are understanding that in order for their messages to be heard, they need to focus on creating content that is appealing, relevant, and timely, and a lot of it! This is one of the key factors driving the shift from campaign thinking to thinking about real-time content and content that is Always-On. Read more

Is Snapchat for brands?

images-6Most of us have heard of Snapchat. The app which lets you send pictures to your friends – pictures, which will disappear 10 seconds after being opened. The app has gained a large popularity during its two-year life; Snapchat has five million active daily users, who send more than 200 million photos, or ‘snaps’, every day. In May 2013 the app was even the most downloaded non-game app on iOS globally.

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pheedI have been looking into upcoming social platforms and came across Pheed, which for a while has created some buzz on the web and have been announced the breakout social media star of 2013. Pheed was launched October 2012 and was founded by a group of friends from the technology and entertainment community in Silicon Valley, California. Read more

Love Is In My BloodEach year, Mindjumpers has been working for clients that do good – such as IRCT (International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims) and Hjerteforeningen (the Danish association for heart diseases). This year, our eyes are on the fight against HIV and AIDS – for the Elton John AIDS Foundation (EJAF).

Elton John AIDS Foundation is a global organization trying to fight HIV and AIDS with love and compassion – as love is what we need to overcome the stigma that comes with HIV and AIDS, letting more people get tested and get the treatment they need.  Mindjumpers’ role is to execute EJAF’s campaign activities and community management on social media.

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digitalMindjumpers has contributed to a new report issued today by Skyword. The report deals with how digital agencies today are facing a new fragmented reality. Agencies need to define and drive relationships for brands by developing content that will engage audiences and motivate them. This also means that they must rework traditional metrics to identify opportunities for growth.  Read more

PinterestPinterest is one of those platforms that has now become established among prime players such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+. With more than 48 million unique visitors globally, Pinterest has gradually been developed, and lately with the launch of rich pins, Pinterest has been optimized for brand presences. Read more


The page is blank. Just as your mind. The only thing that concerns you is how you will make your deadline. What do you do? You could turn the radio on and hope to hear an inspirational song, or you could log on to Resonate and listen to music that inspires people in the same business as you. Read more

newsroom puzzleIt is impossible right now to discuss brands and social media without hearing about the Social Newsroom and real-time content marketing. Oreo brought it to the world’s attention and made it big with their Super Bowl ads, but the concept continues to gain attention from companies and is attracting even more questions about how brands can integrate it into their current social media strategy. Read more

Facebook Growth in Numbers

dataimageOn its Facebook page, Facebook has recently released a photo album with 12 photos containing some of the platform’s major growth numbers in the past year. Most of the numbers compare growth from last year to May 2013.

The number of monthly active users has more or less stagnated and has only grown 23%. However, the number of Likes and Shares has grown significantly, which indicates that even though there are not so many new users joining the platform any more, users still enjoy content and are willing to engage with it. Read more

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