So unless you’ve been buried under a rock, you’ve probably heard of ‘big data’ as it’s one of the really hyped buzzwords in this industry. And if you haven’t, I’ll give you an example of my first encounter with big data. Read more


Guest post by Geoffrey Larson who is a social media and marketing coordinator in the hospitality industry. He enjoys the creative side to his job and draws inspiration from his two daughters.

Pinterest is the perfect marketing tool for artists, interior designers, jewelers, landscape architects, restaurant owners, real estate agents and home builders — pretty much any business that has a visually appealing product. It’s easy to pin stunning images of homes, clothing, food or people and know the images will be viewed, liked and pinned by other users.

But what about boring businesses such as accounting firms, software engineers, marketers, etc.? OK, what you do isn’t boring, but it’s not as picture-pretty as a florist, fashion designer or auto dealer.

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1379175_10151967564774742_1115154283_nVisual content has always been important in social media, but 2013 has set whole new standards. Facebook has opened up for larger images and visual social platforms like Instagram, Vine and Pinterest have experienced an amazing growth.

But the focus on visual content isn’t just centered on images: video is the fastest growing ad format worldwide.  And it’s not videos like we know them, but short videos with a time limit. From what we know from Twitter and Snapchat, it could seem like social media is continuously being focused on short format content.

In the following, we will present you of a why, where and how to use these social video platforms.

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So far the design of link posts on Facebook has not been very appealing nor visible in the user’s News Feed. However, Facebook has recently changed the design of page links posts – the size of the images has increased 4x on mobile and 8x on desktop.

This means that more weight are given to visual content and it is easer to drive fan engagement, as the posts will be more noticeable and physically larger. Another great feature is the fact that it is now possible to choose your own preview image instead of the ones generated by the link.

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Brands Rocking Instagram

brands rocking instagramInstagram has gained a large popularity during the past years – more than 100 million people have signed up and the platform has even outscored Twitter in number of active, daily users. But how can brands benefit from this visual and colorful social medium?

We have been taking a dive into how brands use Instagram and here by give you a small collection of really successful brands and campaigns on Instagram – from big, global brands to small, local ones. Read more

Facebook Updates News Feed

feedLast week, Facebook announced that they are going to update its News Feed to display more “high quality content” that is relevant for the users. Facebook aims to always match content with users so that we don’t miss out on the content that is important to us. Also, Facebook would like to make sure that the kind of content that is being surfaced and shared is the best quality. Read more

Guest post by Amy Winters, who just graduated with a degree in marketing. She helps run a small theater, and she loves to write about entertainment marketing whenever she can pick up the extra work.

vineSix seconds is more than enough time to sell a product, service or brand — easily and effectively. The popular mobile app Vine created a new genre in social media called video microblogging. The Twitter-owned platform lets users create and publish six-second videos in a feed similar to Twitter or Instagram. Most of the videos just show off, whether its toying around with stop-and-go cinematography or recording family cats. But like all other social networking platforms, businesses seize the opportunity to market themselves creatively and make an impression instantly. Read more

fb-aug-wallphotoFacebook is getting close to its 10 year birthday and today many of us couldn’t imagine a world without the popular social media platform. But how addicted are we really? And what do we spend our time on on Facebook?

We fell across some stats at from August 2013, with a bunch of recent facts and stats about our behaviour and interests on Facebook. Here at Mindjumpers, we decided to turn some of those amazing numbers into an infographic. So if you are wondering how many people are using Facebook these days and what they do, take a look at our infographic. Let us know if you have any recent stats too.

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relationSo keeping up with the ever-changing algorithm on Facebook can be quite challenging. Many have believed in the ‘Edgerank Formula’ which ranks stories on affinity, weight and time.  Now Facebook have launched some changes, which means that the Edgerank Formula, as we know it, has changed.

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always onIn a recent session with a client, Mindjumpers talked about the shift in thinking centered around campaigns, to thinking centered around the idea of Always-On content. We thought we would share some insights on how brands and agencies are building content strategies around this idea of Alway-On.

More and more, brands are understanding that in order for their messages to be heard, they need to focus on creating content that is appealing, relevant, and timely, and a lot of it! This is one of the key factors driving the shift from campaign thinking to thinking about real-time content and content that is Always-On. Read more

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