Skærmbillede 2014-02-28 kl. 13.24.54These past two weeks saw the release of two adrenaline themed ads, and a funny note is they both came from two well-known beverage brands. Everyone likes a little dash of awesomeness in his or her life now and then, if not as a participator then at least to look at from a secure distance in awe. The UK Pepsi Max ad featuring daredevil stuntman Damien Walters popped up on several media websites as “video of the day” this week while time will tell if the action packed Jägermeister ad will follow in the viral footsteps already laid. But apart from the stunt-which ingredient made this video spread in lightening speed across social media channels?  Read more

mindjumpersMost of us know that a social media presence is all about creating a dialogue through relevant content that will engage your target audience. But similar to real life conversations, social media marketers of today must be equally eager and prepared to listen, as they are to lead the conversation. In the following we will shed light on the benefits you can reap from social listening. Read more

pinterest-pin-boardVisual content is without a doubt the catalyst of audience engagement on social media today. Similar to a gourmet meal your content must allow your audience to eat with their eyes first, which is probably why photos tend to receive twice as many likes as text updates. Pinterest is a great platform for brands to be featured on; the platform allows you to display non-tangible aspects all of which can be related to your product or company through lifestyle portrayals and inspiring mood boards. Here is the lowdown on Pinterest accompanied by a few of our best tips on how to strategically incorporate the platform with your branding efforts. Read more

insta_thumbInstagram has been part of our lives for four years and most of us use it either privately or for business purposes. We fell across some pretty interesting facts on Expanded Ramblings and Inside Facebook about how instagram users behave and which content performs well. Our guess is that some of the results may surprise you, so we’ve decided to turn all of them into this awesome infographic with some useful (and some useless) facts about Instagram! Read more

state2013-thumbIt’s a new year and and we can look back at the social media year of 2013.

The following infographic sums up 2013 in social media events, month by month. Events and videos created massive word of mouth. The Harlem Shake went viral, things went pretty fast on Twitter when Miley Cyrus was twerking at the VMA and ‘selfie’ even made to the Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year.

As we look back, the year has been large for visual sharing and social platforms are getting more focused on monetizing on their products as more and more people are using social media as a natural component of their lives. The point in this infographic, which is one we can relate to, is written in the headline: “What was once a considered a trend has become a way of life and now the way we do business”. Read more

trends20142013 is coming to an end after what has been an interesting year for social media and we think that 2014 isn’t going to be any less interesting. We’ve looked into our crystal ball and made predictions of what we think 2014 has to offer.

  • Real time is king

Most of us have realized that real time content has the potential to engage a large part of the fan base and go viral. This means that more and more companies try to tab in on this opportunity and make use of or create their own social news rooms to find the content that fit their brand. The challenge is that more and more brands are doing it, which makes it increasingly more difficult to be heard among in the case of huge events like #royalbaby and #redbullstratos.  And there is no point in making real time content if the angle isn’t spot on and relevant for the brand. Nevertheless, we believe that real time content will become an even bigger part of the content we’ll see and it will be something that consumers expect even more.

Read more

fbLast week, Facebook once again made an update to the way stories are ranked in the news feed. Facebook is on a continuous basis adapting the news feed algorithm and trying to solve which content that should be displayed to what users, as the News Feed only allows room for a certain amount of content.

With the latest update, Facebook has put emphasis on the fact that people use the Facebook News Feed to stay updated – not only about their friends but also about what’s happening in the world. Based on surveys showing that people prefer links to articles about current events, Facebook will put a bit more focus on articles and make the algorithm better at distinguishing between relevant news versus a meme photo. Especially on mobile. Read more

My Beautiful Broken Brain

A couple of months ago, while working on a project in London, I ran into a devastating and at the same time a truly remarkable and life confirming story: the story of Lotje and her beautiful broken brain, which is now turning into a documentary. It’s going to be an inside view to a remarkable story about the journey and the will of a young women after being struck by a brain tumor. It’s a story about the people and technology enabling her to document her story and share her story with us.

I had a chance to sit down with Sophia Robinson, the director of Lotje´s story called “My Beautiful Broken Brain”, asking her a few question about Lotje, the project and how people can help.

I hope you will spend the next 5 minutes reading the following and I am crossing my fingers you will feel as touched and close to Lotje as I did, without knowing her. And then hopefully, you will share the story and support Lotje’s dream of completing “My Beautiful Broken Brain” Read more


So unless you’ve been buried under a rock, you’ve probably heard of ‘big data’ as it’s one of the really hyped buzzwords in this industry. And if you haven’t, I’ll give you an example of my first encounter with big data. Read more


Guest post by Geoffrey Larson who is a social media and marketing coordinator in the hospitality industry. He enjoys the creative side to his job and draws inspiration from his two daughters.

Pinterest is the perfect marketing tool for artists, interior designers, jewelers, landscape architects, restaurant owners, real estate agents and home builders — pretty much any business that has a visually appealing product. It’s easy to pin stunning images of homes, clothing, food or people and know the images will be viewed, liked and pinned by other users.

But what about boring businesses such as accounting firms, software engineers, marketers, etc.? OK, what you do isn’t boring, but it’s not as picture-pretty as a florist, fashion designer or auto dealer.

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