Brands Rocking Instagram

brands rocking instagramInstagram has gained a large popularity during the past years – more than 100 million people have signed up and the platform has even outscored Twitter in number of active, daily users. But how can brands benefit from this visual and colorful social medium?

We have been taking a dive into how brands use Instagram and here by give you a small collection of really successful brands and campaigns on Instagram – from big, global brands to small, local ones.


With more than 850,000 followers, Redbull has been quite successful on Instagram. The brand is mainly uploading pictures of extreme sports with their logo or name. And when Instagram started to allow videos, Redbull didn’t hesitate to take advantage of this feature as it perfectly fits their brand profile. In August Redbull posted a video, which received more than 30,000 likes within 12 hours. The best part? The video was an old production from the Redbull Youtube-channel, but they changed it to fit Instagram and it worked as a brand new one.

Redbull1 redbull2



Heineken has recently launched a scavenger hunt on Instagram, where the participants can win tickets to the Men’s Final in U.S. Open.

The hunt is a mosaic of pictures, where the participants will receive clues, search the pictures for the answer and then receive the next clue. Eventually nine people will find all the clues and win the tickets. Heineken has created the entire hunt on a new profile; Crack_The_US_Open, which means the users can participate without ever leaving the profile.

heineken1  heineken2



VisitCopenhagen is the official Tourism Organization of Copenhagen and they upload pictures of Copenhagen daily – atmospheric and beautiful pictures, which make every Dane proud of their capital and every foreigner wanting to jump on a plane right away.  The best part about their Instagram strategy is that VisitCopenhagen let a local person take over their profile each week. This way, they get pictures from different neighborhoods, events and lives representing all of Copenhagen.

visit1  visit2


Hornslet Isenkram

The small hardware store ‘Hornslet Isenkram‘ is situated in Hornslet, Aarhus and sells furniture, art and home décor. The store uploads pictures of their products along with authentic, enthusiastic comments. The store doesn’t have a webshop, but after their success on Instagram, they have started to ship items by mail due to an overwhelming demand for their products.

hi1  hi2

These four examples show how almost every brand can learn to rock Instagram, if they use it in a creative and engaging way, relevant to their users.

How does your brand use Instagram?