pheedI have been looking into upcoming social platforms and came across Pheed, which for a while has created some buzz on the web and have been announced the breakout social media star of 2013. Pheed was launched October 2012 and was founded by a group of friends from the technology and entertainment community in Silicon Valley, California.

In short, Pheed enable users to upload and share digital content, or so called pheeds, in the shape of text, photo, video, audio, and live broadcasts. It is a webbased platform, also available for mobile. It has the well-known functionalities as other platforms, such as a timeline and feed with the people you subscribe to. You can comment on, like and dislike other people’s pheeds. What is interesting about Pheed is that the platform takes no ownership of user content. A built-in copyright tool even gives users the option to copyright every piece of content you post.

Monetize your social content

Users on Pheed can offer their pheeds to other users for free, or they can upgrade their account and monetize their profiles. This way you can charge others to subscribe to your feed. Obviously this will only work if you actually have interesting content to share. So far, the platform has attracted both celebrities and musicians giving them a chance to display their profiles and for instance launch new material.

According to Pheed, the idea of monetizing content is a way to motivate users to create high quality content and giving the power to content providers.

Taco Bell on PheedA platform for brands?

There are only a few brands present on Pheed so far, but any brand that has stories to tell online can use the platform to engage and attract users. Take a look at for instance for instance these brands we found on Pheed to see how they use it:

Taco Bell


 Nasa Earth Observatory


HuffPost Teen!

 I believe that Pheed will be interesting for a young and creative audience. It is easy to use and you quickly generate useful content for your brand, friends or just for fun. I guess if you have the right creative skills there is a lot you can do. Try it out and let us know what you think.