Mindjumpers has contributed to a new report issued today by Skyword. The report deals with how digital agencies today are facing a new fragmented reality. Agencies need to define and drive relationships for brands by developing content that will engage audiences and motivate them. This also means that they must rework traditional metrics to identify opportunities for growth. 

The team at Skyword has interviewed top digital agencies asking them about how agencies are adapting to media convergence and the evolution of search and social media. Mindjumpers among others has offered insights and best practices on how digital agencies can fine-tune their way of thinking and structuring work.

The report presents insights on the following topics:

Strategy: Consumer audiences are increasingly difficult to reach, and increasing demand for content across channels poses a systemic challenge for agencies seeking to create and distribute branded content.

Operations: An overview of the delivery model, capabilities and service offerings that agencies will need to provide in order to compete in the future.

New Talent: An exploration into the new skills and talents needed to provide clients with integrated marketing services based on audience insights.

Technology: Insights on the technology that will enable agencies to provide clients with scalable content marketing and production.

The Content Opportunity: Building new content service offerings will be crucial for all agencies to ensure they remain both relevant and profitable.


One of the key findings in the report is the need for agencies to explore an alternative operational model to adapt to need for customer focus. Another key challenge is agencies’ ability to identify, embrace and leverage technology – both to be fluent in emerging marketing technologies, but also to use as tools for workflows.

At Mindjumpers, we are continously working on adapting to new consumer demands:

“Building out the ‘always-on’ service model, not just talking about it, but creating relevant and interesting stories on a daily bases that tie the context of the ‘now’ into what’s relevant for the brand, will be crucial. Piggybacking on trending stories alone won’t cut it in 2013 – it will be about making meaningful brand connections with those trending stories.” – Jonas  Nielsen, CEO, Mindjumpers (follow on Twitter @Klit_Nielsen)

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> Download the full report here.

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