relationMost people have heard of Facebook EdgeRank by now. But many probably also gets a bit lost on the way of actually accommodating to the algorithm. The logic behind Facebook is often difficult to decipher and page owners can easily feel that the equation is out of their hands. We have found this infographic from the Postrocket blog that summarizes how EdgeRank works.

In the infographic, Facebook’s news feed product manager, Will Cathhart, has broken down the algorithm into 4 main social factors.

1. Your previous interactions with the author
2. Your previous interactions with the post type
3. Reactions from users who already saw the post
4. Amount of complaints or negative feedback

It really boils down to the fact that Facebook is very much centered around relations and engagement. This is something that companies and organizations need to adapt to and also why their usual marketing messages cannot always be transferred directly to Facebook. On the other hand, what page owners can do is to consider the format of the communication to work better with Facebook. For instance, use plenty of visual material and really think of what makes value to the users. Have a look at the infographic and let us know what you think.
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