How Brands Use Vine

vine-photoThe video app Vine is moving into a golden age. The six seconds format perfectly suits today’s news stream and will probably be an advantage like we have seen it for Twitter’s 140 character format. It makes it shareable and accessible. Some huge brands are already using the new service, but what can you actually do with it?

The biggest strength of Vine is its simplicity. With the phone in your hand, you can suddenly be a director. The app allows you to as many frames as you want within the six seconds of video shot. This makes it a perfect tool to create visual storytelling and express creativity.

Just like Instagram has become a way for people to share great and good-looking photos from your everyday life, Vine can become a great way for people to share sequences of their experiences. Visual content is more and more in focus as a way to express who you are and to create engagement – both for individuals as well as for brands.

Some of the brands that have already embraced Vine include:  Lowe’s, General Electric, Puma, USA Today, Urban Outfitters, Barcardi and Doritos.

It is only your creativity that sets the limit for how Vine can be used. Here are some examples of how brands are using Vine so far:

  • Product demonstration: Why not demonstrate a product instead of just having a still photo. This will make your products come to life.
  • Competitions: Challenge your users to generate content. Give people a hashtag to use that will gather all the material.
  • Behind the scenes shots: Include your users and make them feel closer to your brand by for instance showing them exclusive shots before big events or just random happenings at the headquarter.
  • News reporting: Bring your story to life with a video. Live footage is of course the best way of documentation.
  • How to videos: This is also in line with product demos, where you can either show how to make great use of your products, short cooking tips, or home improvement tips.


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  • It is extremely exciting to have an all-new social network on the scene that can provide competition, stimulate innovation and make the world of social networking a better place for all of us.