Vine for Brand Marketing

vineimageSince Twitter launched Vine, brands have been creative, in adapting the six seconds restriction, of communicating their brand. In this post we look at different ways your brand can benefit from Vine, by incorporating its unique qualities to create visual marketing-content.

Twitter’s acquisition of Vine shows that they are ready to add visual storytelling into their platform. And visuals are great for brands to interact with consumers. According to Simply Measured, visual content generates five times more engagement than content that isn’t visual. But how does Vine work?


Images come to life in six seconds

Basically, Vine is limited by 140 characters and six seconds of video. And it’s fairly simple from download, until you start using it. These six seconds don’t have to be consecutive, but you start and stop recording by tapping the screen. When you are done recording, Vine puts the different bits together, and you are ready to share.


How can visual storytelling add value to brands

Good visual storytelling shows or relates to the brand concept and simplifies the brand message. The idea with Vine is to take a brand’s concept or story and present it in a new, short, and simplyfied Vine-version. Due to the “limitations” of communication on Vine, you force your message to contain the simple core of what you want to tell, in a short visual statement that gives high consumption value. This way you have the opportunity to tell, what you really want your audience to know. And it’s your creativity, that determines how you want to paint your message.


Gap uses this Vine to show off the variety in Gap’s collection, and at the same time illustrating their concept – Be Bright.

Monica Botkier designs luxury bags and her Vine is a nice example of product showcasing and functionality on the issue of “fitting a lot of items in one purse”. 

Here is a nice “show and tell” window of the BuzzFeed office turned in to a petting zoo.


Three tings to remember

You need to have an idea about the purpose of your Vine before you begin. Here are three pointers to start on:

  • Have only one point to get across.
  • Define in one sentence what you hope your viewers will get out of your Vine.
  • Keep it simple and have fun.


If you or your brand has rolled out a Vine, please share your experience with us down below.