Super Bowl XLVII has finished. The lights of the New Orleans Superdome have been turned off and it is time to go through the many analyses of both game plans and advertising money spent. A loss for the 49’ers, but a great win for social media – with an emphasis on Twitter.

Last year, Facebook and Twitter shared a social media first place in terms of brand usage during the Super Bowl. This year, Twitter outran Facebook by miles in terms of brands mentioning the network in their campaigns.


Understanding the social media ground rules

Announcing social media the big winner of Super Bowl is not only a matter of brands now being aware of the opportunities social media offer, making them hunt followers and likes. It is a matter of brands understanding the true values and dynamics of a community. Values you can only benefit from if you understand your target group and fulfil their demands and expectations – despite the social network.


Measuring responsiveness

It is a question of actively engaging with your fans and followers, preaching transparency and interaction on the premise that both serve your brand and your target group. Socialbakers have made an analysis of how brands are performing in their social media outreach on Facebook by measuring their responsiveness. Divided into Q1-Q4 2012, you can see the global brands that are performing the best and the worst – on either Twitter or Facebook.

When directing our attention to Facebook, SocialBakers’ “Socially Devoted” infographic of brands’ 2012 responsiveness shows the amazing development that has taken place during the past year. Looking at the statistics, brands are starting to take their social media presence seriously:

–       From an average time of response of 20.9hrs in Q1 to just 13.7hrs in Q4

–       From an average of 30% of questions answered in Q1 to no less than 55% in Q4

–       From an average response rate of 46.4% in the financial industry in Q2 to 72.3% in Q4

–       A +506.5% improvement of response rate within the alcohol industry from Q2 to Q4


Photo credit: FindYourSearch via photopin cc