Last week was the week of inaugurations. Not just of the President of The U.S., but also of no less than two anticipated apps: Swipp and Vine. Swipp is a “Global Social Intelligence Platform”, as they put it, and Vine is a video app launched in joint company of Twitter. Both hyped and highly anticipated, but how can they add value to your brand’s online presence? I’ve taken a look at both apps in an attempt to grasp the business potential ahead.




Swipp: Would you recommend it?

Launched on Wednesday last week, Swipp is another social network that aims to connect the world, one consumer at a time. The platform is a bank of user-generated recommendations of products, places and people. Well, the last category being those of the famous, public kind –  not your own friends or neighbours. Swipp is based on both a consumer side, where consumers rate products and upload pictures for others to rate. In addition, consumers can then use the platform to seek advise from the people they find most trust worthy: their own friends, people from their own city or maybe those who share the same demographic details as them. If you are looking to buy a new laptop, it would be nice to know how your peers rate the two models you’re torn between. On a branding side, this opens up for a great opportunity of getting the sought after user recommendations. Furthermore, Swipp offers a business service that focuses on customized brand apps. The first one will see the light of day during Super Bowl, where Swipp launches a Super Bowl app that will allow the audience (on the couch and on the benches) to rate the game, the players, the trainers etc.


Vine: Let your creativity loose!

Vine is an app that allows you to create 6 sec GIF-like videos, which run in loop. A bit like Cinemagram, but so much more: Though only putting 6 sec at your service, you can record small snippets of video at a time, allowing you to direct your own miniature movie. This calls for not only a great opportunity for your creative department to play with a new tool of interaction –  it is also a great opportunity to challenge your brand image and interact much more intensely with your audience. So intensely, one might add, that Vine today suffered a melt down due to the extreme traffic to the platform. This hype will undoubtly mean that we’ll see some first mover brands take on the challenge within in the next few weeks. A challenge of not only creating a visually appelaing video, but also to attract their audience and communicate their brand image and message within just 6 sec. Here’s a good example from General Electric, who has already started experimenting with the app:

Comparing the two very different apps, Swipp is therefore what you could call a recommendation tool and thereby a product promoter driven by the users. Vine, on the other hand, is a tool for direct brand communications and storytelling within harsh restrictions that call for great target group understanding as well as brand image communication. I’m very excited about both newcomers and am looking very much forward to seeing the first best practice cases roll out. What do expect from these two new apps?