gazeMonitoring brand mentions, share of voice, sentiment etc. are the essentials of analysing what is being said about your brand online. But there is a dark side, which, until now, has been immeasurable, to the great frustration of social media analysts: Visual brand mentions. Meaning consumers making a reference to a brand through a photo without mentioning the brand name. Startup company gazeMetrix opens up for an entirely new way of monitoring online conversations. The monitoring tool allows brand to tap into a world of formerly unseen social data thus providing brands with new and valuable insights.


Measure visual brand mentions

gazemetrix adidasEveryday, millions of people post photos of their lives on the photo-sharing network Instagram. These glimpses of peoples everyday lives include visual brand mentions, and every time someone posts a picture of your brand logo on Instagram or other visual networks, it’s strengthening your brand image. Yet, this has been impossible for brands to track unless the photo is accompanied by a @mention or a #hashtag. With gazeMetrix, a service using image-recognition technology to identify photographed objects, it is now possible tap into the visual goldmine of the photo-sharing trend, track visual mentions and determine “share of gaze”. When signing up for a gazeMetrix account, brands are able to monitor photos posted of their logo on Instagram, and soon also on Facebook and Twitter. Monitoring visual mentions on Pinterest would also be highly relevant, and one can only imagine that the gazeMetrix eventually also will support this network.


Reach out to users and curate user-generated content

To count the number of times your brand is being mentioned visually is of course great. But to be able to use this user-generetaed content is even better. The guys at gazeMetrics know this, which is why the tool also allows brands to reach out to the person who posted the photo to ask for permission to repost it on the brand’s own channels as user-generated content. Curating user-generated content is a great engagement technique, as user-generated content shows brand authenticity and fan appreciation, as well as acting as peer-to-peer recommendations. In an article in Forbes, one of gazeMetrix’ founders, Deobrat Singh, explains:

“We currently let brands manually go to the individual pictures on Instagram’s website. We’re working on making it possible to engage with users while at the same time making sure it does not end being a source of spam for the users.”

The article also describes the PR-value of gazeMetrix arising from the fact that it can “help brands stem an ugly tide before it grows too big, or encourage the positive brand ambassadors to take even more pics.”

The article also makes a good point when stating that on top of being able to assess brand mentions, brand engagement and product adoption, you’ll discover in which context they appear: “You witness trends happening around your brand as they happen. You witness your brand being used as intended, in some. You witness your brand being used NOT as intended in others, which leads to new applications of your product to include in your communications.”

I’ve previously discussed the monitoring tool Venueseen here on the blog, a tool that collects the location-specific photos and sends a notification to the subscribing business when a customer shares a photo, a mention or a comment tagged with the company location. gazeMetrix takes this a step further, as being able to track images that don’t include a mention or a hashtag, will allow for brands to boost engagement, because of the possibility of reaching out and interacting with users.


Gain deeper insights

With all the various monitoring and social data aggregations tools combined, brands are increasingly able to collect true insights. In order to gain valuable insights from monitoring online conversations in general, brands must demand greater quality in the insights and analyse the data in depth. gazeMetrix will help brands sort out some of the noise and unreliable data in online conversations, which exist due to frequent spam, fake accounts and misuse of hashtags. In fact, as little as 40% of the total volume of brand conversations consist of actual mentions of the brand by humans, according to research agency, Millward Brown. This obliges brands to put in a lot of human efforts in filtering through all the data collected by aggregation tools. gazeMetrix’ image recognition technology will make this task easier, as brands will be able to quickly interpret whether the mention is relevant or not.

Take a tour of gazeMetrix’ features here: