8 Responses to “For Global Success: 9 Reasons Why Localization Is Key [Infographic]”

  1. Daria Bagina says:

    Hi, thanks for the post, very useful infographics.
    I totally agree with the fact that brands should have a local social media strategy and marketing. But on the other hand I see companies trying so hard to globalize their operations and websites for easier management that sometimes local market differences are set aside.
    Do you think that, for example, website localization should be set as priority as well as marketing and communication?

  2. Our brand Maclaren sells to 50 countries and we produce content and serve customers everyday on 9 regions and 7 languages across multiple social media channels so I agree that localization is key http://facebook.com/MaclarenBaby

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  4. Avani Bakhru says:

    Great Infograph! I am all for localizing global content as it’s necessary to engage with the end consumers and target them directly with locally relevant content. The same applies for mobile apps! In fact, appstore operators tell us that locally relevant content increases downloads by up to 30%. This clearly explains why companies like Google and Facebook are way ahead of us. It is vital that we get our heads in the game and understand the value of localizing. http://bit.ly/Y77xte

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  6. summ3r says:

    Really great post, Sarah.
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    It’s a reliable solution to streamline any software localization process.

  7. Alex Berea says:

    Fantastic content Sara, clear and useful.

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