‘Likehunting’ is now a common derogatory term within the sphere of social media marketing. However, I think most social media managers have to admit that they, at some point, have regarded a boost in likes gained through a competition as an indicator of brand loyalty or success. The recent cry-out following the changes in Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm has helped social media managers focus on what really will make brands gain value from social media: To value your existing Facebook fans by providing them with relevant content and thereby making them grow into becoming Superfans over time.


Superfans drive brand loyalty and engagement

Brands don’t just have fans – they also have Superfans. Superfans are the biggest advocates of your brand and the ones who share, like and comment the most. Brands have to realise that a huge quantity of likes on a Facebook page doesn’t necessarily amount to brand loyalty. However, if brands acknowledge the power of brand ambassadors who regularly share content with their friends and drive engagement, they have understood something very essential about building a community – and are undoubtedly the ones who will succeed in building a strong relationship with their fans by involving them in richer experiences. A recent study by Napkin Labs, analysing 52 brand pages with up to 1 million fans, revealed that Superfans are way more valuable than the overall quantity of fans.

In fact, the engagement of just one Superfan is worth that of 75 regular fans. The study also found that the top 10 most engaged Superfans helped gain 2.3 times more likes and 1.8 times more comments than less active Superfans. As Riley Gibson, co-founder CEO of Napkin Labs says, “these numbers show that brand marketers need to focus less on the volume of fans and more on engaging the fans that they have.”


What is quality content?

In Mindjumpers, we consistently analyse fan behaviour in order to know what type of content will be of greatest relevance to a brand’s specific target group. Napkin Labs’ analytics tool can help brands determine who their Superfans are and get fan-level analytics about how often they share, post, and connect with a brand. For marketers to build a community and reach the Superfans, quality content is imperative. Here are some of our guidelines on how to create quality Facebook content, based on our own experience:

  1. Think local. Connect your brand stories to the cultural values of your fans, local events, topics and real-time happenings.
  2. Know your fans. Good content is meticulously created according to the fans’ passion points. Monitor what makes people comment and share – and what puts people off. Use insights actively to know your fans’ demographics such as age groups and gender.
  3. Inspire. Use humour and strong visual content and don’t be afraid to show some personality – corporate speak make fans turn away. People share your content because they can relate to your brand identity. Don’t forget that when people share your content, it’s part of their impression management.
  4. Be imaginative. Create catchy, subtle and exclusive content that is dedicated to the fans of your community.
  5. Get to the point. The text accompanying your visual content must be short (preferable less than 140 characters), so that people can grasp the message in a glance and engage with it immediately. In today’s fast moving world, being able to convey a message in a short compelling text accompanied by a visually engaging photo is imperative, as people can determine in the blink of an eye if the content is worth sharing and whether it mirrors their identity.
  6. Don’t be condescending. Don’t talk down to your fans or underestimate their knowledge. Provide them with content that adds true value to them, something they can learn from and be inspired from and avoid the clichéd engagement techniques.
  7. Collaborate and co-create. It can never be repeated too many times: Make sure your social media activities are part of an overall integrated marketing strategy. For the consumer, it’s about being a part of an experience. Partnerships between brands and digital, social and advertising agencies can make content even greater and ensure great creative resources.
  8. Involve fans in co-creation and encourage them to share stories about their experiences with your brand.

It is never an easy task to create quality content, and it is easier said than done. But if you keep these guidelines in mind and do your best to comply with them, it will get you far. What is good content in your opinion?