The following post is part of the Mindjumpers Network series and written by our Community Manager, Sara Hansson. Mindjumpers Network is a global network of local country community managers enabling international companies to execute and maintain brand communities in a structured, quality assured and cost effective way across markets with the aim of creating effect and value.


Throughout most social media networks, content is king. But content without context is just messages without any bond to your long-term brand strategy. To have an Always On-strategy is to think long-term – on a short-term basis. Meaning that your overall brand strategy should be implemented at a daily basis by amplifying the content you share with your consumers with relevant real-time trends and happenings. This is where the content is truly put into a meaningful and relevant context to your consumers – and this is where you’ll create valuable interaction.


The value of contextual marketing

We believe that there are two types of context: Context that is connected to the brand, and context that is connected to what’s happening right now. The most valuable content is when it manages to combine both categories.

Many brands have understood that content including surprising and fun elements is a golden ticket to gain reach and engagement. But without a context attached to the brand and to people’s reality, the content will lack the very thing that makes people bond with a brand. It will therefore not create the brand awareness and close relationships that the brand is hoping for. Thus, the most successful content to create business value is based on a context that your consumers can relate to, that always is true to your brand and that is real-time.


A challenge for global brands

Context influences the way people understand expressions. The challenge for global brands to keep an Always On-strategy is to get the context in place across local markets. How is it possible to put content in the right context if you’re communicating with hundreds of thousands, or even millions of people located in different countries with several different cultures and local happenings influencing how they perceive a piece of content?


How to put content into local context

To put content into a local context will create engagement in the most optimal way. If you can form your content to a local context, you can create relevance – and relevance means interest. To do this, we believe that only Community Managers who are grown up and based in the local markets can create content with true authenticity and with the right context. Taking language, culture and real-time happenings into consideration, is a task a Community Manager in charge of several of different local communities simple isn’t able to execute.



… without losing a global strategy

By establishing a central hub in which global guidelines and strategy can be placed and knowledge sharing of best practices and learnings can be done, Local Community Managers can leverage global messages, which can then be adapted to a local context.


Increase sharing through local connections

When you’re planning to execute local campaigns or offerings through your social media channels, tie them together with something people are familiar with, e.g. a local tradition or a current local trend. Make sure it also conveys your brand values. Combine these and you’ll create a campaign that people are willing to engage with, since they see a greater context that actually brings them something valuable.

Local Community Managers can monitor across social media channels for user-generated content with high relevance to amplify through the local brand channel. This content works as peer-to-peer recommendations, which, as you know, most likely is the most trustworthy advertising you as a brand can get. As these recommendations are at a local level, they are of course even more relevant and scalable to the given local community.


Mindjumpers Network

Mindjumpers Network is our way of working with local market activation for global brands. We enable agencies and international brands to do local social media management in a quality assured and cost efficient way across markets and countries through native Local Community Managers situated in the specific markets. If interested in more information about the network, you’re always welcome to contact us.