has just released their second complimentary white paper from the series on Successful Content Marketing. The first white paper called “How to kick-start your Content Marketing” includes a seven-step approach that can be used by any organization to develop or re-energize a successful content marketing strategy and program. In addition, 21 experts and influencers within the fields of content marketing, search engine optimization and social marketing are sharing their thoughts and advices in the new report.


Skyworld’s second white paper aims to share great practical advice, tips and insights shared by industry marketers, who implement, manage and optimize content marketing programs for brands and organizations. The report defines content marketing as both “an art and a science. The science part calls for extensive planning, careful design, and meticulous execution. The art in content, however, comes from those talented marketers, writers, and consumer advocates who tell memorable stories with exceptional creativity and ignite the spark that creates lasting connections with audiences”.


The paper is divided into four main sections:
What every marketer needs to know

As with traditional marketing activities, in content marketing it is crucial to not only know your audience but understand its needs. Find a void in their experiences and aim to fill it with your content marketing efforts. Additionally, whatever content you decide to focus on, always keep in mind that it’s all about the audience and not about you. Engage on a personal level and demonstrate understanding; don’t try to show off and brag about your perfect products/services.

Looking from a broader perspective in your industry, be the first to identify the existing content gaps and let your brand bridge them. Don’t accept content marketing as a separate discipline – make sure you integrate it in your other marketing activities such as PR, events and SEO.


Tips and tricks

Use storytelling. Your audience is already constantly bombarded with short messages that say nothing. Instead, they want to read meaningful stories that bring value to them and that they can learn from.

Encourage sharing and discussions. Every time you share some kind of content, try to include a call to action. However, never underestimate your customers’ feedback. Listen and be smart enough to adjust your content and services based on your audience’s input.

Monitor your competitors. Always stay on the lookout for best practices in your industry. Establish competitive intelligence activities as part of your overall business strategy.



Assess industry trends. Don’t simply go with measuring followers, likes and Klout scores. Go beyond that. Analyze engagement. See what works best and encourage deep engagement through calls to action that have already proved to work successfully. Be brave to experiment, learn and adjust your measurable objectives with your business’s KPIs.


Future predictions

Industry experts predict more investment in Content Management Systems that allow marketers to coordinate, collaborate and optimize their efforts. Furthermore, the importance of visuals will remain to be of a great importance; good-looking content will continue to rise in popularity. In addition, as Mindjumpers’ CEO and Founder Jonas Klit Nielsen suggests, companies will increasingly invest in people who are highly skilled in content creation, through direct hires or by outsourcing.

Ekaterina Walter, Social Media Strategist, Intel, summarizes: “Content will become more critical than ever before. To cut through the noise, brands need to continuously serve the most useful and relevant content to their target audience.”


We think that content marketing is one of the most important subjects of today, therefore we would love to read your comments on it. You can download the white paper from here and share your thoughts in the comments section below.