The following post is part of the Mindjumpers Network series and written by our Community Manager, Sara Hansson. Mindjumpers Network is a global network of local country community managers enabling international companies to execute and maintain brand communities in a structured, quality assured and cost effective way across markets with the aim of creating effect and value.


Yesterday, Facebook announced that a new structure of Global Pages is available for all brands working with Facebook. The new structure enables brands to gather all their local brand pages on one centralized page and customize all content on a local level – everything from cover photo and apps to updates and “about” information. Facebook users will be directed to the best version of a page based on the country those users in which they are situated, creating a better localized experience for your customers while remaining a part of the global brand community.

The possibility to create one global brand identity at one single page with customized local targeting puts one central point in focus: the value of local community management. For international brands and companies, tactics should include leveraging local community management in order to engage local markets with authenticity to create business revenue.


The functionalities of the new Global Page

The new Global Page structure is effective for international brands that currently have one page using geo-targeted posts or brands with many country-specific pages. It will enable pages to have one global identity. Users from all countries will see the same page name (which can be translated into their local language), the same fan count and the same PTAT (People Talking About This), meaning that brands only have to promote one single URL that automatically will direct users to their individual local view of the page. The ‘Switch Region’ feature in the option panel enables fans to further choose between other different local page views available on the given Global Page. Lancome is one of the brands that have already implemented the new structure as shown below.


Insights and global benchmarking

Admins of the main Global Page will be able to see insights for all users on a global level in one easy-to-view dashboard. According to Facebook, functionalities will also come to include country level fan counts for all pages later this year (both those pages that are using the new structure of Global Pages as well as the pages that haven’t transitioned to the new structure), enabling tracking of how each market is performing. As a brand, this also provides you the possibility to compare your fan base on a local country level with your competitors’ pages on Facebook.


A Global Page needs local activation

Facebook launching this new structure of Global Pages is in my opinion yet another sign of how significant and up-coming it is for international brands to do local market activation based on one global social media strategy.

According to the Facebook IQ 2012 report, 41% of international brands maintain at least one local country page. These local Facebook pages have grown at twice the rate of global communities and register 50% higher engagement.

For international brands and companies, it has been a challenge to control and maintain product perception worldwide. There is a wish to convey a global identity across markets and at the same time have the possibility to do marketing initiatives on a local level. The new Global Pages thereby enable you to do globally controlled local activation. Still, it requires that brands prioritize local community management.

In a previous post, we have also elaborated on how executing local market activation is a vital part of an international brands social media success. First of all, culture is one of the largest components of how people communicate. Cultural trends and norms are therefore something marketers and advertisers closely have to track and take into consideration. International brands have to tap into local community management by having native people in the local country managing the given local community to assure three key points essential for successful communication are taken into consideration: languageculture adaption and real time. Having a structured process of local community management not only optimizes the engagement of the local pages implemented on the Global Page, it also helps create actual business revenue.


Mindjumpers Network

Possibilities for global brands to activate local markets is also something we work with through Mindjumpers Network. We enable international brands to do local social media management in a quality assured and cost efficient way across markets and countries through native Local Community Managers situated in the specific markets.

If interested in more information about the possibilities of Facebook’s new structure of global pages and local community management, you’re welcome to contact us.